San Fran Saturday

De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park:

View from the observation deck


Claus Oldenburg:


Ultimate Tourist Shot:


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  1. Randy commented on Feb 25

    Love your blog, and am zealously foisting it on my bay area cadres. Likewise, thrilled to see you are enjoying the area. Two parting thoughts — try a cheap burrito in the Mission (Pacho Villa is great, but hard to go wrong), and expunge “San Fran” from your argot. We either call it san francisco, or (clearly unworkable for a new yorker), “the city”.

  2. anonimouse commented on Feb 25

    Before you leave the SF area, drive to the north end of the GG bridge. Take the first exit after the viewing area at the north end of the bridge. Go left under the bridge, then uphill southbound on the road to the far side of 101. Park, walk out the the end of the old fortifications, and take the ultimate bridge shot looking south toward the city.

  3. blue][erring commented on Feb 25

    the best burrito (i’ve done the exhaustive research) is at il castillo across Church from the Safeway on Market… sort of in the castro… their green salsa is so good they sell it in the large drink cups, so cool until it’s so hot. hey randy, havent you heard? ‘frisco’ is retro cool to say these days.

  4. Martha Bridegam commented on Feb 25

    – Taqueria La Cumbre, 515 Valencia St.

    – Only bikers say “Frisco.”

  5. camille roy commented on Feb 26

    All previous burrito rec’s are wrong, sadly wrong.
    Don’t be led astray! There is only One:
    La Taqueria on Mission near 24th.
    It wins the Bay Guardian Best Of award year after year.

  6. wcw commented on Feb 26

    ..which, naturally, means only that it may once have been the best, and now is good enough that the powers of incumbency beat out a crowded, crowded field. My personal choice these days is Panchita’s #2, on 16th just east of Valencia. Solid construction, and as befits a Salvadorean place, extra-fried; even the shell gets a quick brown on the griddle. The point is that when it comes to burritos here, there is no wrong answer — just shades of right. The taco trucks are good, too. I have soft spots for El Tonayense, a budding empire with at least three or four trucks I know, though I have not heard good things about their non-truck home base, and for the place whose name eludes me that parks near Best Buy and vends Cuban-style sandwiches.

    Oh, and only bikers get away with calling it ‘frisco’. Lots of others try, but don’t pull it off.

  7. blue][erring commented on Feb 26

    clearly ‘frisco’ is the trend that i suspected,
    your denials are evidence!

    does this mean i need to buy a motorcycle?

  8. k-swiss commented on Feb 26

    I second the comment about the view from the fortifications on the north end. Viewing the city and bridge from this locale at night is the best scene of all. If you take a right off the first exit, instead of a left, you end up at the bottom of the bridge near a marina . . . a very cool view as well.

  9. Dave commented on Feb 26

    Sadly, you’re all wrong about where to get the best burrito. The correct answer is La Corneta in Glenn Park. People who think La Taqueria has the best burritos probably also think that North Beach is the best pizza (although I’ll grant that they’re less wrong about La Taqueria than North Beach).

  10. mapgirl commented on Feb 26

    I second Pancho Villa on 16th near the BART station. However, being a frugal PF blogger, I prefer the $3.00 Super Taco there. A burrito from PV is enough for two meals.

    Thanks for the DeYoung photos. It was still closed when I lived there. Please call it ‘SF’ or ‘The City’. Anything else makes you sound provincial.

    Ah. What sweet memories I have of SF!

  11. calmo commented on Feb 27

    That safety pin…open…such a hazard. [Many children have been injured, but Art must have its due.]
    That color: it is not the regular safety pin color is it? [Help me people, I am color blind: blue or purple?] That angle…it is standing on its head isn’t it? This is no safety pin people.
    I am notifying Homeland Security about this imposter.

  12. Can You Hear Me Now? commented on Feb 28

    San Francisco

    I LOVE the looks of the homes in San Francisco. I don’t like the hills or how close together they are though. Link: The Big Picture: San Fran Saturday.

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