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Last week, I mentioned I had a new Project in the works. Today, I am revealing a bit more.

I’ve received numerous requests to make our institututional product more widely available to the public. What I am ready to do now is put out a more "user friendly" version, with the focus being actionable investing ideas from both the macro, top down perspective, along with the shorter term technical aspects.

It will get its own web site.

Its less comprehensive — and more readable — than the institutionable product. Not as general as this site has been, but specific long/short calls for indices, ETFs, and other trading issues. The idea is to be  much more specific than the blog has been.

There has also been requests for seminars/road shows, and thats in the works also. 

More info to follow  . . .

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  1. geoff commented on Mar 16

    barry, looking forward to this.

    minor nitpick: perhaps you mean’t own vs. on – “It will get its on web site.”

  2. Mike commented on Mar 16

    “Ritholtz Action Alerts”

  3. todd commented on Mar 16

    Maybe include a discussion about why all the money that just came out of bonds went right back into bonds? What kind of sense did that make? Is money coming in from the Middle East meltdown? I’m glad I’m not a bond trader…

  4. todd commented on Mar 16

    And I still think you should take my idea for a Patrick Byrne web-cam! Can you include that into the layout somehow?

  5. Mark commented on Mar 16

    You forgot to mention the Spring roll-out of The Big Picture menswear line. That was just an oversight, right? Right?

  6. David Silb commented on Mar 16

    Ooo! Oooo! “Big Picture Tour” Hoodies!!!!

    Sweet! That would be Sweet!!!!!

    Seriously looking forward to your new website bout time I might add.

  7. emd commented on Mar 16

    i look forward to seeing it. i hit this sight several times daily and really appreciate you insight…. speaking of which, any comments on today’s price action? the nasdaq and the small caps really closed weak.


  8. Bynocerus commented on Mar 16

    I was kind of hoping that Barry would start a rap group by the name of B-Unit. B,buhbuhbuhbuh B- UUUNIT!

    (To the tune of “Wanksta”)

    B-Unit in the Cut
    They say he bugged out
    Cuz he wears sweaters
    When it’s eighty-five degrees out

    Say you a a trader
    But you ain’t ever made ‘nuthin
    Bovine Bloviators
    Really need to stop frontin’

    Then, after doing the damn thing on his own, he could bring in some of his little homeys to ride on them permabulls mark-asses. Throw in the clothing line, featuring exclusive Ritholtz-eyebrow-knit sweaters under the B-Unit Label, and it’s a gold mine.

  9. Michael C. commented on Mar 16

    Hopefully, your site will have accountability as far as performance and track record.

    I can’t understand how people subscribe to all the Real Money premium newsletters and alerts when they don’t provide the track record for each newsletter upfront.

  10. JWC commented on Mar 16

    I love your blog… and would love to go see you if you were speaking in my area.

    Being retired and not very rich, we don’t do much active trading – have couch potato low cost, conservative investments. But I believe you are never to old to learn. And I really care about the future we are leaving to my grandkids.

    If I had a place like this … to learn what I have learned in the last two years, I expect hubby and I would have had more money than we do. But we did live below our means, took full advantage of what retirement stuff/investing was available in the work setting, did not run any credit card debt, and now we are essentially debt free and living well.

    I know we could have done better investment wise. But I also know that we are a heck of a lot better off than most.

  11. vfoster commented on Mar 16

    ironic we had a bond rally on benign CPI the same day we had to raise the federal debt ceiling.
    vote to pass the debt limit was 52-48.. seems a little slim considering it could have driven the treasury into default. how can we expect to pay back $9 trillion in debt when our GDP is only $12 trillion?
    the CPI is a joke. our government has no incentive to properly calculate the inflation when all their liabilities are indexed to the CPI growth rate? of course inflation is “benign”. the real estate bubble was actually a negative affect on CPI due to hedgemonic fiddling. that’s why you know it was a bubble.
    when free markets are allowed to work properly the cost of money should reflect the demand for money. it didn’t work that way this last cycle. the demand for yield took over and the extra liquidity drove purchases regardless of fundamental demand. a major correction in this bubble will destroy consumption and GDP (recession?)… i don’t even want to think about what happens to community banks who are holding all these 2nd mortgages at 150%ltv

  12. Thom H commented on Mar 16


    This is a really great idea. Sign me up, and don’t let the snarky naysayers get you down.

    Props to JWC for doing it the old fashioned way! Good for you.

  13. jcf commented on Mar 16

    Gotta be a success. You’re a very savvy user of the Web, as well as lean, suave and Leonardo DiCaprio cleancut. Man, if you ever pick up a guitar you’ll be a killer.

  14. Jim commented on Mar 16

    Jwc, It sounds like you have done great. Conservative investing is far ahead of none at all. The finances of the average american household is appalling. And many got overly aggressive and lost it all back in the days. Keep up the good work. Best, Jim

  15. ray commented on Mar 16

    Geoff-I suggest keeping your nitpicking to yourself….my God!!! Are you kidding me??

  16. trader75 commented on Mar 16

    Sign me up buttercup

  17. MikeL commented on Mar 16

    Seems like there are plenty of bears right now via Investor’s Intelligence survey of Investment Advisors.
    What’s up with that?
    Also, now that we know how much home equity has funded the last couple of years of consumerism. It would be nice to know if there is still a lot of gas left in that pump. Maybe there is another 2 trillion ready to be spent on the sidelines of home equity loans. No matter what rates get up to, HE loans are cheaper than credit cards.

  18. DK commented on Mar 16

    Thanks for your insight and sharing to date. Would this new venture be a pay site or do you make enough off of links/click thrus/etc?
    Optionally, are you still interested in those Warren Zevon CDs on your Amazon wish list in lieu of a pay site?

  19. BRUT commented on Mar 17

    seminars/road shows good idea. No snake oil salesmen.

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