Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (4/19/06)



Last minute fill in on Kudlow & Company, CNBC today at 5pm. I’m scheduled to be on from 5:10 to 5:30 pm.

Also on is Cody Willard, who’s been called the James Dean of telecom by John Rutledge.

Topics will include the big rally Fading Housing, Gold and Oil rally.



UPDATE: April 20, 2006  6:47am

Last nite was a last minute fill in – no prepared notes, pretty much all off the cuff remarks.

I hate giving up the home field advantage by being in the remote studio – when I’m on set (like I will be tonite) you can dominate the conversation and not get cut off.

Speaking of speculative excesses, have a look a the chart going up later today on OTC bulletin board volume. Yeah, there’s no speculative excesses around . . .

That is some spike relative to prior volume — looks similar to January 2000

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  1. emd commented on Apr 19

    tell cody to get a haircut… or ask him if he’s foregoing the haircuts to pay for gas.

  2. Sol commented on Apr 19

    Don’t be jealous of his New Mexico flair.

  3. Sol commented on Apr 19

    Your comment on Energy performance and Industrial stock performance — of course you can throw a dart and make money in this sector – these stocks are much more correlated to each other than, say, consumer staples or health care. Big Cap Domestics will benefit from a slumping dollar and easier access to the rest of the world. just my opinion

  4. emd commented on Apr 19

    wow…. kudlow and cody tag teamed your ass! earnings, earnings, earnings! it’s all good!

  5. Alaskan_Pete commented on Apr 19

    Kudlow’s a XXXXX. Tell him to go back to XXXXXX and leave economics to the sane among us.

    (Edited by the niceness police)

  6. john commented on Apr 19

    That’s strange – what does “the James Dean of telecom” mean?

    I know who James Dean was – I saw his movies (first run). I don’t get the reference.

    I don’t watch CNBC unless they have Ron Popeil infomercial on – now that’s business savy.

  7. Mike commented on Apr 19

    Did they gang bang Barry? I missed the darn thing.
    Barry needs to get to hook
    him up with online videos of this stuff.

    All he’s gotta do is come out and trash Bush and declare thiis is a lefty blog ;-)

    I think Barry’s wrong about the market crashing.

    We’ll end the year up 20% in SPX.

    -Mike “Formerly a Bear” Stone

    ps, I’m not selling my puts just yet. Part of me thinks
    this is a blow off rally or the correction may come in August.

  8. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 19

    One day during a last minute fill in by Cody, he was wearing a leather jacket over a tshirt — Rutledge nailed him on it — since then, he’s been the James Dean of telecom

  9. Alaskan Pete commented on Apr 19

    Oh come on Barry, “tag teamed your ass” and “gang-bang” are acceptable comments, but I can’t call Kudlow an a-hole or point out his unsavory past as a coke head. Nice double standard, man.

  10. emd commented on Apr 19

    be happy you were only sensored…. if you would have commented on Kudlow’s pinky ring you’d be banned for life!

    by the way, this “cult of the bear” reminds me a little of a native american rain dance… you keep dancing long enough, sooner or later it’s gonna rain!

    the bull rages. get on board while you still can!

  11. Ned commented on Apr 19

    I know I shouldn’t encourage him but Alaskan Pete makes me laugh…

  12. Jordan commented on Apr 19

    As far as being a bear, emphasize “real” stock prices. Because of excessive liquidty, the indices are rising but only in nominal terms. The market is breaking down in real terms (priced in gold).

  13. Mike commented on Apr 19

    Jeeze…lighten up. Kudlow isn’t that bad. He’s a winger and as offensive as any other conservative.

    But I gotta say, his show is one of the few I can watch.

    Better than Kramer.

    I think Ritholtz & Kudlow are swingers together.


  14. DANNY commented on Apr 19

    i turned on CNBC one day. i thought i was watching the 70s show — but then i realized it was just cody pumping another telco play………..tell that man to head over to ASTOR PLACE for a $12 cut….

  15. rob commented on Apr 20

    how much money did Cody incinerate in that telecom crap over the last few years? now he’s passing himself off as some kind of rock and roll trader stud? like Jimbo Cramer I think Cody see’s a more lucrative future as a television personality thene a “hedge fund manager”

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