Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (5/04/06)



This is the regular gig: 

Today’s Kudlow & Company, is on CNBC today at 5pm. I’m scheduled to be on from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.

Also on is Marketwatch’s Herbert Greenberg, Cody Willard, and Noah Blackstein of Dynamic Mutual Funds (Welcome back, Noah!).

Topics will include the Enrgy and Gasoline, Strong Retail sales, the Market Rally, Housing, and once again, tomorrow’s NFP numbers.


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  1. B commented on May 4

    You are right. Microsoft buying Yahoo would screw up both companies. Bill Gates has lost control of MSFT and doesn’t appear to have to leadership skills to change that. Bring in Steve Jobs and he’d fix it.

    This talk of buying MSFT is foolish. The time to buy MSFT is when everyone hates it? Well, they’ve hated it for six years. Do we wait another six years? Microsoft has been in the lower band of its yearly standard deviation versus the market leaders for five years. Buying before that fact changes is parking cash in a pig that is on the way down, pays next to nothing to park your money in it and may be a pig for a long time. It’s better to be a trend follower than a trail blazer.

    And Herb asking money managers if what they are buying is a bubble is nothing short of an oxymoron. How many money managers thought the market was a bubble in 2000?

  2. Mr. MASH commented on May 4

    Barry: Looking good, nice tie, sharp suit, very profesional, Cody needs a haircut, Herb is out to lunch, and did you dig Kudlows’ suit, he is ready for the circus what a clown!!!

  3. Alaskan Pete commented on May 4

    Hey, don’t speak ill of my good buddy Larry. And Herb is a fu…nevermind.

    COT in copper is pretty flat and abnormal looking on a chart right now. Small net short positions by both commercials and large specs, small net long by small specs.

  4. B commented on May 4

    COT data is important but not the most important. Especially when so many players have backed away because of nontraditional speculators jamming the traditionally players out of positions. ie, Those greedy hedge fund bastards are driving deep and wide in a market they don’t understand long term.

    What is more important is the nature of the futures contracts. That post by guambat stew is hilarious. I actually read that copper demand in the developing countries is cratering. But, that could be wrong. I’m sure people making a dollar a day aren’t affected by Wall Street’s games.

    Saw a Senator today threaten to double the price of margin on the NYMEX. Talk about pissing down their leg……….Big money would take a major dump on that one.

  5. B commented on May 4

    Oh, and those who say these are secular bull markets in commodities that have history to support them are confusing secular equity bear markets and secular moves in interest rates with commodities. That is not the case. Each business cycle in the last fifty years has started with copper inflating and then ultimately busting at the end of THAT business cycle.

    So, for those who say the 70s was a secular bull in commodities, they are factually incorrect. Copper blew up and down like a tsunami wave each cycle. And it dumped to 60 cents at the end of each cycle in the 70s. That was every three years or less. Oh, and it was 70 cents in 1960. And 60 cents at the bottom of each business cycle for the next forty years. Today, it is $3.50 and Freeport McMoran says it costs 9cents to mine it? lol!

  6. pjfny commented on May 4

    I would like them (blackstein/kudlow) see the video of themselves: “propaganda of the cult of the bull” , over and over again, once the mkt craters when the mkt realizes that the bull run in equities/commodities was a result of liquidity not real demand.

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