Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (5/18/06)


This is the regular gig :  Today’s Kudlow & Company, is on CNBC today at 5pm. I’m scheduled to be on from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.

Today is Me, Cody, and Herb. Not appearing is Noah Blackstein, who’s hobby is Glacier climbing. He was out with a group of tourists, got seperated from the crowd; We suspect global warming may be why he is still still missing.

We will  discuss the recent market whackage — metals, the weak dollar, Inflation (what inflation?) and lastly, Yahoo!, eBay, at 52 week lows.

I swear — this is the last appearance for the week.


Position:  Maybe I’ll short Cody this time . . .


May 18, 2006 9:18 pm

Oh, so you Coulter fans are unfamiliar with my history with her?

• I refuse to speak her name aloud; Instead, ye shall forthwith refer to her as the Shrill Blonde Harpy

• Time Magazine topticked the GOP by putting her on ther cover, a marketing blunder only comparable to New Coke

• Andy Borowitz notes her "traumatizing" impact on small children

• And what is likely the very funniest and totally most obnoxious blog EVER, You What the Shrill Blonde Harpy Where ?!?   (Note: this takes you to an e&e post, which gives you the option of bailing before getting to the really hard core stuff.

I snapped a phone pic of her in the green room; If the crowd insists, I’ll post it  . . . 

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  1. Robert Cote commented on May 18

    Ice Climbing: How many other sports have obituaries as a regular feature in their magazines?

    Here’s to hoping you have a snappy comeback when Larry calls you “brother.” I suggest “Okay, brothers it is; I’ll be Romulus…” He’ll get it.

  2. Roberto commented on May 18

    Hey I have been short Cody for over “250 Content Revolution, my blog now shows me showing the show on the show itself” points.. Time to cover..

  3. Bob A commented on May 18

    “distinquished columnist” Ann Coulter? I just lost my lunch.

  4. AckAck commented on May 18

    Barry: You are on a show with Ann Coulter!?

    I just turned off my television. You should walk off the show today.

  5. Mark commented on May 18


    Some observations:

    Coulter cleaned Kudlow’s clock. (But then again, even if you disagree with her politics, she can out argue almost anybody.)
    Kudlow is jealous of you. He manifests this by constantly trying to put you down.
    Willard admires Kudlow and wants to be him when he grows up.

  6. Robert Cote commented on May 18

    Ann Coulter got everyone to admit that all the proposals being floated are amnesty. After she finished all anyone could do was say “amnesty yes but… mumble mumble…” For the interested, Amnesty forgives past transgressions. The current proposals are prepared to reward past illegality with allowing ongoing lawlessness.

    Anyway, BR; great job, you got some words in edgewise. I saw you trying so very hard to say your longs were trading positions not investing but Larry wouldn’t let you.

  7. Bob A commented on May 18

    amazingly I found myself agreeing with the Ann monster for the first time ever.

  8. toddZ commented on May 18

    I strongly believe that the key to this sell-off this the falling dollar, specifically the Dollar/Yen exchange. If you borrowed Yen at 0% anytime after late August 2005 your carry-trade is underwater.

    Now France is complaining about Euro strength against the dollar… which means the gold market may have had it right all along! Are we looking down the barrel of a currency devaluation trade war?

    Certainly something to consider after this hot-money shake out wraps up.

  9. DJ commented on May 18

    I turned it on (late) saw Ann Coulter and turned it right back off. Barry I really enjoy your website but you discredit yourself by appearing on shows that have her as a guest.

  10. KirkH commented on May 18

    DJ: TV is about entertainment, obnoxious people are entertaining. My favorite entertaining economic indicator is the expression on Larry’s face when he’s giving the “Free market” speech at the beginning of the show. I hope he someday realizes that the Fed shouldn’t be part of a true free market system.

  11. cody’s a dork commented on May 18

    1. I really enjoy your appearances. Your points are always very thought out. Unfortunately, the format of the show (Krudlow and Cody) doesn’t always allow their full explanation

    2. Cody again proves he’s a dork. Needs to let others speak rather than try to prove to everyone he’s intelligent.

    3. Ann is HOT HOT HOT… she’s a dirty talker and would be a blast for about 2hrs….. (o.k. maybe 15 minutes)

  12. lola commented on May 18

    You should post these appearences somewhere since they don’t rerun them at all and some of us don’t have TIVO but love watching you.

  13. DJ commented on May 18

    Here’s some Ann Coulter:
    “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building”

    Very entertaining…

  14. anon commented on May 18

    there you go again. a dominant trend player finally gets his trend and you go and short-term trade against the major trend. forget the daily charts and use the weekly charts. your picture is clearer and you will stop supporting the do-nothing institutional traders. how much profit have you given away by not being short during the ride you have long awaited for? now you wait for the bounce that of course will come, try to catch the top and then go short. being a timer is tough. once again, stay true to your conviction.

  15. chris commented on May 18

    Anon …. I always trade with the weekly charts… Vry profitable. I use the daily as entry and exit signals.

  16. algernon commented on May 18

    How enlightend you all sound with dismissing this woman repeatedly without offering any reason. When all you can do is call someone names, she must be formidable.

  17. AckAck commented on May 18

    Algernon: Which turnip truck did you just fall off of?

    In regular discussion, we all refer to commonly accepted knowledge. Apparently your knowledge of this person is limited?

    Type her name into Google — you’ll find an ever growing list of her thoughts and opinions.

  18. Dave commented on May 18

    Mark: so true, ESPECIALLY the Cody wanting to be Kudlow comment.

  19. brian commented on May 19

    The Cooultergeist is a well known fascist blow up doll Algernon…
    and a first class American *Traitor*

  20. GRL commented on May 19

    If you are going to post a phone-pic of *her* then you have to also post a phone-pic of my cat.
    (I will e-mail it to you upon request.)

    Then, let the People decide who is more attractive.

    Warning: My cat is show material and looks pretty impressive when he poses for one of his “glamour shots,” but to make the competition fair, I won’t send you one of those pictures.

  21. dsquared commented on May 19

    I certainly want Barry to post the photo he snapped of Ann Coulter in the changing room.

    If it wasn’t in the changing room then I am less interested.

    I am not American so I don’t really know or care very much about Ann Coulter but she certainly makes a lot of nice people very angry indeed so I suspect she’s a wrong ‘un. She is quite pretty though in that sort of fading-rose kind of way. I suspect that she would be a lot more popular if she used a few swear words as a lot of people really go for that (viz: Liz Hurley, Helena Bonham Carter).

  22. Mark commented on May 19

    I have no problem with Ann Coulter just as I have no problem with Howard Dean or Michael Moore.They serve their parties interests in the way they are best equipped. I have to admit that she’s easier on the eyes than the latter two but I think that after that “15 minutes” one other reader referred to , I’d be forced to put her out on the doorstep.

    But back to the markets! I thought the fact that the bulls lost control in the last hour was very telling. They couldn’t get anything going the whole day and threw in the towel at the end. That is a marked change from how this has gone previously.

  23. chris commented on May 19

    looking for a bounce today …thank god because I want to short more.

  24. Mark commented on May 19

    Ann Coulter has all the right enemies. If she wasn’t hitting home with her comments there wouldn’t be anyone upset.

  25. Barry commented on May 19

    I have stumbled into this charming little circle via Larry Kudlow’s link to BR. First thing thing I notice is the attack on Ann Coulter. Come on girlie men…can’t you get over your envy….Ann uses such imagery in her speach to cut through the 40 years of unadulterated crap put out by the likes of NY Times, W. Post, NBC, ABC, CBS (did we ever find Lucy Ramirrez?), etc.

    Barry you and yours seem to strongly dislike achievers..exactly how much should be extracted from them to support others?

    And why Barry do you think Bill Gross was so wrong about yields staying at 3 – 4%? Was globalization underestimated as an inflation beater or are we seeing demand rather than excess money drive rates?

    Barry H.

  26. Mark commented on May 19

    Okay, there are now TWO posters posting under the name “Mark”. Barry, how does that happen after registering? In other words, I am a regular here and that last post (9:36) isn’t mine! What gives?

  27. douglas commented on May 19

    Warning to anyone who finds Coulter attractive.
    She has an adam’s apple and quite large hands . . .
    not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .

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