Online WSJ 10 Year Anniversary


The online version of the WSJ is now 10 years old.

You can access it for free for the next 10 days . . .

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  1. Robert Cote commented on May 2

    I think I still have my complimentary Macintosh floppy sign up disk around here someplace. [‘Course my office detrius makes the Boston Computer Museum look like an Apple Store in terms of current technology.]

  2. kdawg commented on May 3

    Has it been 10 yrs already ? I remember I was one of the first 5000 people who signed up for the online edition with my blazing 14.4k baud dial-up modem.

    One of the columnists ran a contest for a 6 months subscription on who could name the oldest surviving company besides musical cymbal maker Zildjian (1623). I threw in Kikkoman soy sauce but it didn’t make the cut.

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