Those Damn Tax Cuts . . .

. . . are crashing the market!

When will those Supply-siders ever learn!


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  1. Barry Ritholtz commented on May 17

    Yes, of course, that’s tongue in cheek sarcasm

  2. eightnine2718281828mu5 commented on May 17

    Say Barry, you’re a good guy and all, and I like the sarcasm, but what you do with your tongue is your business.

    Unless of course the NSA decides to the contrary…

  3. erik commented on May 17

    turns out that hiroshima call a few weeks ago was spot on. i didn’t think the past hiroshima calls looked to far off the mark. you guys in the city better keep your heads towards the rooftops. wouldn’t want to get squashed by a jumper.

    glad to see you finally got through to cody. wouldn’t it be nice if he gave you some credit where credits due? everyone on the Street site keeps pating him on the back for his amazing timing. give me a break! i swear it’s like high school over there.

  4. eightnine2718281828mu5 commented on May 17

    Another thing; to those talking about ‘new highs’ in the indices: shouldn’t we be using real dollars rather than inflated dollars when making those claims?

  5. anon commented on May 17

    The goal of being bearish on the market (although you claim no tag) is to have a conviction that eliminates all the short-term noise. A cautious market preference requires committment to the cause and not trading the noise. Your recent long position (even if already stopped out) has been a feable attempt to capture noise, not looking at the big picture. You have to patient and play the dominant trend, which is now in your favor. Give up the micro games and stay true to your conviction. if not, your performance will be lackluster.

  6. CrispE commented on May 17


    One of the things that seems amiss in the market is that small caps should be underperforming here, not overperforming. The dilemma for the small companies is that interest rates and inflation hurt them more than big caps, yet they seem to keep trying to rally.

    What do you think is going on with this?

  7. erik commented on May 17

    what a perfect week to launch the research site. you are the the polar opposite to cramer, except you both had excellent timing, albiet he launched mad money going into the blow-off equity top and you are launching going into the bear market downturn. couldn’t ask for better timing. kudos.

  8. GRL commented on May 17

    Got fear?

  9. Barry Ritholtz commented on May 17

    Should be live today or tomororow

  10. vf commented on May 17

    CrispE – sometimes when it hits the fan you sell what you can to raise cash. small caps are highly illiquid and pms won’t screw around trying to work a sell order in a stock that trades 500k shares a day… they sell the liquid stocks which could be why the Dow is worst performer. that’s the theory anyway.

  11. Andy commented on May 17

    “. . . are crashing the market!”

    The supply siders’ response just came in: “Just think about how much worse it would have been without those cuts!”

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