Top 10 Ways You Know You Watch Too Much CNBC

Another great top 10 list from Hedgefolios:

Top 10 Ways You Know You Watch Too Much CNBC

My favorite is this one — "Your mind frequently wanders to the analysis of who is “hotter “? – Erin, Maria, Becky, et al" — which reveals all you ever need to know about Human Nature and Wall Street.

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  1. ndk commented on May 1

    Maria, but Bloomberg’s got Katherine Yang in the 0:00 GMT slot, who blows them all away.

  2. chris commented on May 1

    Becky, by far

  3. Alaskan Pete commented on May 1

    Definitely NOT Maria XXXXAroma.

  4. joe commented on May 1

    we call her buttaromo. she’s business class, you know, ass so big she can’t fit in coach… erin burnett is gorgeous.

  5. Emmanuel commented on May 1

    Erin Burnett defected from Bloomberg. But then again, I watch financial new channels for market information, and not girl-watching [I puff my chest and strike a self-righteous pose], so I stick with Bloomberg.

  6. commented on May 1

    Write-Offs: 05.01.06

    $$$ Top Ten Ways You Know You Watch Too Much CNBC [Hedgefolio via The Big Picture] $$$ Who has the higher R-squared with impending financial doom: Mark Cuban or Guy Kawasaki? [Going Private] $$$ Separated at birth: insider trader Sonja…

  7. jjr commented on May 1

    I nominate Melissa Francis. Becky Quick is up there. Maybe it’s that Melissa gets the sexy energy sector … or that she’s a Harvard grad:

    Maria Bartiromo is so clueless and her market cheerleading really takes the wind out of my sails (so to speak). Funny that … buttaromo. Perhaps she’ll get canned (pun intended).

  8. Alaskan Pete commented on May 1

    What the hell Barry? You’re an arbitrary censor. “Butt aromo” is acceptable, but I write “fart-aroma” and you censor it?

    Am I the only one seeing a distinction without difference here?

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