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Pretty neat:  We are a featured blog in Typepad’s "great site spotlight:"


Thanks for the kind words!

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  1. barr@theman.com commented on May 21

    ummm. i’m not selling anything “HONEST” lol

    i love no pitch sales :)

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on May 21

    I don’t know where they got that from — not me — maybe its the no advertising policy on the site.

    Obviously, anyone who does a blog like this is building a brand and reputation, so in effect they are selling something . . .

  3. Harold Check commented on May 22

    Hey Barry. You’re welcome for the mention. And thanks for not calling out my sloppy proofreading. Apologies for the misspelling. As for the personal / not professional angle, I agree that I overstated things. As you said, blogs are about reputation, and reputation contributes greatly to any businessperson’s success. That’s actually a point we’d love to stress at TypePad. In any case, you definitely deserve the kudos. Keep on bloggin’.

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