Chart of the Week: Global Prices Total Return by Region

Interesting look at the returns by region  Nikko Citigroup Japan:

click for larger chart


Source: Nikko Citigroup Limited, Equity Strategy

Its quite revealing . . .

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Quote of the Day

"If all the economists in the world were laid end to end, it wouldn’t be a bad thing."
Peter Lynch

RM subscribers can read this:  Get the ‘Peter Principle’ Right

If no RM sub, see this PBS frontline interview

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  1. Bob A commented on Jun 6

    What strikes me today is that the talk is all about whether the market sell off is all about what the fed chairman said. Yet… no mention of the larry, moe and curly show at the white house. Isn’t that the real problem???

  2. marblex commented on Jun 6

    stolen from the incomparable Dorothy Parker, who commenting on a debutante ball, wrote, “if all of those young lovelies were laid end to end, I shouldn’t be surprised.”

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