“More Than You Know”

I have mentioned Michael Mauboussin’s work several times, most recently, his book "More Than You Know" in the linkfest over Memorial Day weekend.

His new book, More Than You Know, got a nice write up in today’s WSJ by Burton Malkiel, who also wrote the forward.

I just started it, and I will definitely bring it with me on the long Fourth of July weekend . . .


A Road Map to Smart Money
WSJ, June 14, 2006; Page D12

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  1. KirkH commented on Jun 14

    When is your book coming out? I bet Kudlow would be happy to pitch it plus you could do cross marketing with blog/book.

    The brain at The Longtail Blog is using his blog to help develop ideas for the forthcoming Longtail Book.

  2. KirkH commented on Jun 14

    Oh and if you’re into constructive criticism, the dark purple links you’re using are too close to black which makes the distinction between regular text and links difficult.

    I tweaked your moxiestyle.css file to underline links. Check out this very page with underlined links here.

    If you want to make the change then tweak your .css file line 27 from this
    A:link { color: #543694; text-decoration: none; font-weight: normal;}

    to this:

    A:link { color: #543694; text-decoration: underline; font-weight: normal;}

    I’m 27 and it’s hard on my eyes so I imagine the wise old folk that frequent you blog have a tough time too.

  3. Alaskan Pete commented on Jun 14

    Funny, I’m NOT 27 and have no issues at all with purple links. Maybe you need to adjust your constrast or get a better monitor. Samsung has some killer yet inexpensive 19″ flatscreens. The Dell isn’t bad for the money either.

  4. jab commented on Jun 14

    Purple – there is purple on the screen???

  5. Robert Cote commented on Jun 14

    dark purple links

    Weird, what kind of Mac are you using or are you trying to keep up with Barry’s bleeding edge commentary with inferior technology?

  6. KirkH commented on Jun 15

    Check out my inferior technology right here. :) Maybe my retina are the inferior technology.

  7. 2L commented on Jun 15

    I’m 23 with a Viewsonice 19″ flatscreen, and I have problems differentiating the links (in purple) from the black text. Something even just a little bit shader bright may be helpful and not different enough to piss off those who also have “no issues at all with purple links.”

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