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I finally lost my NYT cherry today, with a quote in an article about Ben Bernanke (and look who I’m quoted with):

"Pundits began accusing Mr. Bernanke of vacillating.

"In jest, I’ve been saying that Mr. Bernanke needs to regain his monetary
manhood," Larry Kudlow, an economist and talk show host, recently told viewers
on CNBC. "He was people-pleasing Wall Street. Now he has got to go back on

Barry Ritholtz, an economic consultant and operator of an economic blog, the
Big Picture, went further and called Mr. Bernanke the "Neville Chamberlain of
inflation fighters."

"I got the sense that Mr. Bernanke was appeasing the stock market," Mr.
Ritholtz said in an interview. "It’s not that he has to go out and prove his
manhood and his street-fighting cred. It’s just that he has to navigate at a
particularly perilous moment in the economy, and he has to navigate absolutely

pretty cool . . .


2 New Captains of the Economy Face Volatile Global Markets
NYTimes,  June 1, 2006

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  1. Alaskan Pete commented on Jun 1

    My my, Big Bad Billy is Sweet William now.

    Now that you have an “in” at the Grey Lady, maybe you can get rid of Keller’s lame ass and “Pinch-a-loaf” Sulzberger too.

  2. greyhair commented on Jun 1

    Congrats dude. Have a cigarette on me.

  3. alex commented on Jun 1

    How does Ben take your comments? Any reactions?

  4. dd commented on Jun 1

    pretty soon you’ll be having coffee w/ ms. positive about everything , Maureen Dowd

  5. me commented on Jun 1


  6. babaloo commented on Jun 1

    nice to see you get all this deserved attention

  7. CrispE commented on Jun 1


    Pretty obvious by now that Bernanke must make a choice between political correctness (not raising rates which would hurt Republican candidates in the fall) or stopping inflation which will anger traders who think we are in the “Goldilocks scenario.”

    I would bet on his loyalty to Bush in June, which is why I think gold goes back up to $750 an ounce.

  8. savant commented on Jun 1

    Maybe you’ll get your own TV show like Mr. Booyah !!!

  9. Bynocerus commented on Jun 1

    Wait a sec CrispE – if Bernanke doesn’t raise rates, how will it help Republican candidates in the Fall? If he wants to be viewed as an inflation fighter, he’ll raise rates and cause the economy to begin its implosion right as voters are starting to think about who they’re going to vote for.

  10. rob commented on Jun 1

    “operator of a blog” The NYT really has a way with words. Do you need a license to become an operator? I guess the NYT is an operator of a newspaper.

  11. Namazu commented on Jun 1

    Congrats, and be prepared to take Cramer’s time slot if UNH drops another 20%. While you have the NYT’s ear, can you remember the little people and (in our name) mention how irritatingly condescending Tom Friedman is?

  12. Anonymous commented on Jun 1

    Maybe you can REPLACE the freeloader and Bush mouthpiece Kudlow on CNBC!

    CNBC is loosing what little creditability it had by having a government mouthpiece everyday – they may as well become FOX…

  13. Brian commented on Jun 1

    haha, I bet you had no idea how big that was going to get when you first said it!

  14. FliteTime commented on Jun 1

    Why does the Fed even need to appease the stock markets? I’ve been listening to Wall Street gripe that the Fed has gone too far since a year ago! But if Big Ben would need to pay lip service to Wall Street, what purpose does that serve in fighting inflation? The stock markets are not the US economy, just a part of it!

  15. todd commented on Jun 1


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