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ScTechnical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine has an excessively nice review of The Big Picture in the July magazine, where your humble narrator gets favorably compared with James Cramer, and the blog itself gets kudos for its scope and breadth. 

Here’s an excerpt:

"Ritholtz’s The Big Picture is an excellent contribution to what are known to
some in the blogosphere as "expert blogs." While blogs have gained notoriety for
both sociopolitical commentary and a certain professional-caliber narcissism
(the two not necessarily mutually exclusive), the expert blog phenomenon is one
that must be applauded by all of us who have found ourselves subtly (or not so
subtly) getting a greater degree of our news and opinion from places other than
the traditional news media. Like widely respected Middle East historian Juan
Cole on Iraq, or University of California at Berkeley economist Brad deLong on
economics, Barry Ritholtz has used the blog form as a way of making his
knowledge of the world of finance and market behavior accessible to any
interested party with a web connection.

Cramer, Cole and DeLong:  Heady company to be compared to.

This paragraph very much resonated with me; I find it hard to recall how we invested and/or traded prior to the internet:

For those who have come of investing age during the information revolution of
the past decade, it is hard to imagine how our trading predecessors managed
without online brokers, real-time streaming quotes, fundamental corporate
information within a mouse-click, and more technical analytical tools than keys
on a grand piano. To that list, we can add the free insights available from men
and women who for years have made the financial markets their home."

I am grateful and humbled by the review.

You can see the piece in its entirety here.   


Websites for Traders
David Penn
Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, July 2006


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  1. OldVet commented on Jun 28

    Let me add my personal thanks to your good public review. Some of your daily commentaries have waked me up, and I’m OLD. When I first invested in the early 1970’s I had to go in the brokers office the first few times to place orders. Finally I got permission from them to give verbal orders by phone to a particular account rep, since I travelled a lot. You had to read the paper to see stock prices at closing, and there was no “intraday” info easily available. S&P and Value Line reports were on paper and you had to go to the library to do research. Now I check Japanese and Brazilian stock prices directly in real time and so on. How far we’ve come, indeed. Thanks again.

  2. Blissex commented on Jun 28

    «your humble narrator gets favorably compared with James Cramer»

    Well, I don’t follow much Cramer, but… Have you ever heard of ”Damning with faint praise”? ”Guilt by association”? ;-)

    «Like widely respected Middle East historian Juan Cole on Iraq, or University of California at Berkeley economist Brad deLong on economics, Barry Ritholtz»

    Now this is different :-), this is a serious and well deserved endorsement, which quite agree with. To be named along with people who provide serious information and insight, that is impressive.

    As to my own tastes, Ritholtz, deLong and Cole are 3 of the 5 authors that I read regularly for information and stimulation (Thoma and Gross being the other 2).

  3. rob commented on Jun 28

    Stocks and Commodities is published in my hometown, Seattle, and is an outstanding and serious magazine. The Big Picture is miles above the nonsense that Cramer puts out.

  4. sell_the_ten_year commented on Jun 28

    Juan Cole, the glorified Arabic and Farsi translator, has got nothing on good old B.R.

    Now if only Kudlow would let free speech apply to our friend, and stop letting the Fifth Third Asset Management wonks hog the airtime.

  5. Ned commented on Jun 28

    I second everything posted by Blissex. Congrats. All but one Bliss. You read Gross? His writing is so lame it is embarassing. Someone with his net worth should hire a ghost editor at a minimum. Actually, he can be unintentionally hilarious with metaphors mixing with such wild abandon that nothing he says makes much sense. He can sure trade bonds though…

  6. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jun 28

    Ned and Blissex,

    Are you guys referring to Dan Gross of Slate, or Bill Gross of PIMCO ?

  7. Bob A commented on Jun 28

    I am a big fan Barry… but while Real Money is worthy of mention, Cramer is not.

  8. Alaskan Pete commented on Jun 28

    Pretty sure he’s talking the Chief Pimco Pimp himself. Bill’s writing IS amusingly horrific. Every commentary leaves me thinking “THIS guy is the bond king of the world?…Whaaa?!!”…which in turn gives me hope. If that clownfreak can achieve what he has, it should be a cakewalk for me.

    Be careful with the Juan Cole comparisons though Barry, next thing you know the wingnuts will be trying to blackball you from Yale.

  9. Ned commented on Jun 28

    Oops. I was talking about the bond king. The slate guy can write as that is his livelihood and he is good. Thanks for clarifying and amplifying that for me Pete.

  10. jcf commented on Jun 28

    Congrats, Barry. Well-deserved. I’ll be a dissenter on Bill Gross’s monthly column. For the amount of deep technical matter he interposes, I have always found it well readable and highly intelligent, as well as surprisingly honest re bond prospects for a man in the bond biz. He’s a Renaissance man of sorts, as is our host here, apostrophe problems notwithstanding latterly.

  11. alan commented on Jun 28

    Thanks Barry, your “charity work” is much appreciated.

  12. DaveF commented on Jun 28

    I’m with OldVet. Thanks Barry! I bought the newsletter! It’s the first time in all my years that I bought a marketletter and in the first week, got a trade that paid for it. Talk about the greatest story never told!

    I’m not in the same league with the pros that trade and comment here. So formally, I say to you, thank you , Barry!

  13. toddZ commented on Jun 28

    “professional-caliber narcissism” LOL!

  14. Keith commented on Jun 28

    Barry has the ability to understand details coupled with a vision of the macro. Add this to a strong communication skill and a comfort with disagreeing with the crowd, and you have a very rare person. Thats what makes this a very fine blog indeed.

  15. Steve C commented on Jun 28

    Well deserved acolades! In the world of the internet outstanding work will not remain a secret for long.

  16. darkroth commented on Jun 28

    (From another lurker) Congratulations on some well-deserved kudos! I’m new to finance, and more than half the stuff posted in the comments usually goes over me. But the mix of topics, discussion & comments has made this website the one I read most.

    Barry, if you think appropriate, it’ll be good to hear what other blogs/websites you read; and also, maybe occassional postings on how you developed your knowledge base (Other than the WSJ & the Economist, most of my learning/exposure to trading+economics+finance has been through here). This is probably a huge undertaking, so even pieces of this should be very helpful – “every journey is made of small steps.”

    On a side note, I’d like to add another voice to the request for occasional (delayed) postings from your website here. At this point, I have only some cash in a very restricted 401K, so not sure what I’ll be able to pick up there.

    Congratulations, & Thank you, again!

  17. John Navin commented on Jun 28

    Doesn’t that feel good?

    There’s something appealing about the tone of your writing, Barry. You have a good sense of balancing serious material with humor. You express yourself clearly and you take a strong, fearless opinion when it’s required. I never get a sense of egomania, an affliction that impairs most Wall Street media folks.

    It’s a refreshing place to come and relax and see what’s up.

  18. me2200 commented on Jun 28

    Great blog, Barry. You deserve the Kudos.

    I just wish you would grab Kudlow by the throat and say “Shut the hell up !”. Oops… did I say that. Sorry. But really, Larry… Shut the hell up ! Oops, I did it again..

  19. ndk commented on Jun 28

    You haven’t done a post on market outlook recently, but I’d like to eat a little public crow along with others who doubted your dead cat call. Nice timing.

  20. Slothrop commented on Jun 28

    And congratulations at making it onto the blogroll at

  21. Brad R commented on Jun 29

    Kudos to you Larry. But the most fascinating paragraph of this article was the one about all the informtation we have at our fingertips – fundamental, technical, sentiment, opinions. THERE WILL BE A CHANGE IN THE MARKETS FROM THIS. I wish I knew what it is / will be!

  22. ArizonaChartist commented on Jun 29

    Hey Barry,

    I hope you were being sarcastic and or facetious in being flattered at the comparison to DeLong. I checked out his blog and found his lefty drivel to be a real turnoff. Has anybody ever seen DeLong and Krugman in the same room at the same time? I have to ask ’cause what I read on DeLong’s blog could have been written by PK.

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