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The Athens

With 5 widescreen UltraSpeed™ LCD Panels featuring resolutions of up to a mammoth 19200 x 2400 Pixels, the new  Athens Display Series brings desktop views and resolutions to unheard of new heights. Featuring ‘s Ultra-Speed™ Display Technology and available in both HR and for the first time in available 3D LCD configurations, the all-new  Athens Display Series is exclusively custom-built in an all-aluminum design, breaking grounds in every engineering and design detail, making every other monitor out there look like… well… just a monitors.

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  1. Robert Cote commented on Aug 9

    Homeowners compensate with Hummers, traders with monitors.

  2. brion commented on Aug 9

    gives new meaning to “wall-eyes”

  3. Mark commented on Aug 9


    That CANNOT be true!

  4. m3 commented on Aug 9


    i think i just came.

  5. cm commented on Aug 9

    AP: Oh my Lord. Reality beyond the most imaginative SciFi movie (for my standards that is, i.e. it may not say that much).
    This reminds me that somebody recently told me that two large LCD screens is supposedly standard equipment for Google coders.

  6. Robert Cote commented on Aug 9

    I’d rather be paying my share of $0.43 sf class d warehouse space in canoga than either. Is there any hard locational v. perfomance data available?

  7. Zephyr commented on Aug 9

    AP, How much computing power does it take to run that array of screens?

  8. Mark commented on Aug 9


    So, after “Q” fits you out with this, you toss your hat onto Ms. Moneypenny’s coat tree, go in to see “M” and tell him how to recapture the financial markets that were somehow taken over by SPECTRE, right?

  9. Alaskan Pete commented on Aug 9

    Zephr, a liquid cooled Cray9600 should do it. You can get one with a 2 year wait and a couple mil.

    Sorry to dissapoint Mark, but we ARE SPECTRE. And I only use one of the screens for trading, I keep hardcore p0rn running in a loop on the other 23 while blaring crunk rap from the sound system. Feels just as dirty as being on Wall St.

    I should achieve world domination within 6-18mo and rule as a benevolent eccentric. Free ice cream for everyone! Soros was one of my early students gone rogue. The BOE takedown was SPECTRE plan and he felt slighted for not being the point man. So he defected and ran the scheme on his own.

    Scary sh*t huh?

    Folks, this is obviously not my setup, it’s some private money guys in Toronto.

  10. sisyphus commented on Aug 9

    Nice! And if it really does exist, it only costs as much as a case of Petrus….

  11. Dave commented on Aug 9

    Send a picture of the back and I’ll believe it.

  12. CDizzle commented on Aug 10

    Reminds me of a seminal discussion of the definition of “need” with my ol’ hippie friend Mike Giustra the summer after I graduated high school in ’93.

    Translation: I’ll stick wit my 13-inch MacBook…

    Sure is purty though.

  13. Michael C. commented on Aug 10

    >>>Send a picture of the back and I’ll believe it.<<< Why is that so hard to believe? LCD's are cheap ~$100 for a 15. ~$150 for a 17''. Around a few grand for those 24 monitors. I see people buying $1500 Vizios at Costco everyday. And how many of us have lost a few grand in less than a days time on a bad day? I believe the setup. What I find hard to believe is that it is necessary at all.

  14. DN commented on Aug 10

    Yes, 2 very large LCD screens are standard for Google engineers. We also get a widescreen Mac laptop on the side.

  15. Frank Rizzo commented on Aug 10

    My radiologist had an array of screens like that when I went in for my cerebral angiogram. Pretty neat setup!

  16. cm commented on Aug 10

    DN: A Google dude with a Yahoo email address? Not that there would be anything wrong with it …

  17. snook commented on Aug 10

    great for viewing ‘The Big Picture”…However, one needs Marty Feldman eyes. ./,

  18. DN commented on Aug 10

    CM: The world is a cauldron of irony, ain’t it.

  19. jkw commented on Aug 10

    There is a limit to how much information a person can process. The UI design on a 24 screen setup would have to be extremly good or most of the space is wasted. You can only really look at one or two monitors at a time. And at a distance where you can see all those screens, you won’t be able to read the text unless you make it so large that you are effectively reducing the number of screens you have. So the interface has to mostly be graphs and charts. It would be a fun project to make something like that useful. You would need all kinds of color-coded backgrounds with charts showing sentiment indicators and market internals. But almost certainly not something you could justify financially. The only reason you would want to graph that much information is to trade by hand. But for the same amount of development effort and less computational cost, you could have the computer trade for you while you do something else.

  20. aalhogil commented on Jan 9

    شي جميل ترجمه الموقع >> اصبحنا قريه واحدة

  21. aalhogil commented on Jan 9

    شي جميل ترجمه الموقع >> اصبحنا قريه واحدة

  22. DougHofstadter commented on Feb 14

    Yeah, I think someone like CineMassive Displays should just go ahead and buy these guys already…just to end the confusion in the multi-monitor market.

    CineMassive Displays is real and you can buy from them today.Im particularly fond of their “MasterPlex”. Sick.

  23. Jimmy commented on Mar 7

    What’s with that Arabic sh|t? Why are there terrorists reading this article?

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