Morgan Stanley

Here’s a little classic SNL to tide you over on a lazy Friday afternoon.

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  1. Bynoceros commented on Aug 11

    I never went ape shit like that, but I felt that way at least once a day when we stopped acting like Dean Witter and turned into full-blown Morgan Stanley. Maybe that’s why I don’t work there any more.

  2. Craig H commented on Aug 11

    I love that bit.

  3. Mike M commented on Aug 11

    That was hilarious. I always thought those MS commercials were ridiculous.

  4. Kevin commented on Aug 11

    Does anyone have a copy of the spoof they did of those Charles Schwab comericals from a years ago? That was classic.

  5. sunbin commented on Aug 11

    ” I always thought those MS commercials were ridiculous. ”

    they are creepy! esp the ‘buy a house/ranch’ ad

  6. MikeF commented on Aug 12

    That is a classic and you can bet that it made the rounds on the MS networks where the ads that piece was parodying were always considered lame.

    It seems like the retail securities business, in a last gasp effort to hold onto market share, is trying to evolve into the private wealth management business. The small accounts are being jettisoned, broker training programs are being cut and the time old tradition of “attracting” (i.e., raiding) each others big producers by bribing them with an up front payment of a multiple of their book continues unabated. It’s a tough business and I just don’t see how the traditional model can sustain itself much longer. The brokers I talk with everyday have been lamenting that John Q. Public is not exactly chomping at the bit to get back in the market. There’s a sense that the game is rigged and who can blame them after Enron, Worldcom, dot-com bubbles and now the options back-dating revelations.

  7. DavidB commented on Aug 12


    Here you go. I had a good laugh here. They need to do a similar spoof with political press conferences

    This probably needs IE to view. It wouldn’t run on netscape. You can also click my name to get the URL

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