CDs under $10: We’ve gone Greatest Hits mad!

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  1. GG commented on Sep 21

    Thanks for the tip! Think I need to get some low cost Sting.

  2. shane commented on Sep 22

    Great call on the Smithereens – probably one of the most under-rated albums.

  3. Matt commented on Sep 22

    You don’t “get” Jimmy Buffett? He’s just a guy singing about his life, and it just so happens that his life experiences match that of many of us. His classic, pre-fame material can be pretty moving.

  4. Matt commented on Sep 22

    Let me append that post–Jimmy Buffett’s PRE-FAME life experiences match that of many of us. Once he got famous, of course, his life took a direction that the regular guy can’t comprehend, and that affected his ability to write songs that connect. Stick with the old stuff, they’re truly brilliant.

  5. j d ess commented on Sep 22

    good lord, that mellencamp collection is incredible. holy $h1t what an amazing group of songs. i own em all already, so maybe i’ll just put them together to listen to tonight…

  6. Barry Ritholtz commented on Sep 22

    How under rated is the guy as a songwriter? You can pull any 5 songs from either American Fool or Uh Huh and its as good as anything else out there . . .

  7. j d ess commented on Sep 23

    agreed. american fool -> lonesome jubilee is probably the strongest string of records i can think of from the 80s…

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