Last of the under $10 CDs

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  1. Bynocerus commented on Sep 23

    Was in Best Buy last night and saw Blood on the Tracks for less than $10.00. Might merit inclusion on this list.

  2. diva commented on Sep 23

    I love your hot tips re good music at a great price (printed them out and started shopping)
    Thank you!

    Now: a ‘hot tip’ for you –
    The BEST macro guy on the scene is John Tamny.

    Check out this article, and the others he has written lately (linked at the article site).

    You are very high on my list of respected folks. He is #1 (and, I don’t know who he is, or how he got soo smart/informed….. but, he is dead on right)

    See if you can find him, talk to him!

  3. Chad in Japan commented on Sep 24

    I love ya Barry,

    But c’mon! You manage serious money for people–what are you doing peddling Amazon goods–it looks cheesy (at least use hidden links so we can’t see your account!).

    Otherwise, keep up the great work!


  4. Barry Ritholtz commented on Sep 24

    Why would I want to hide the links? Amazon’s Associate program is well known, and Typepad auto generates the links.

    Whenever I mention a movie book or film, I link to either the writer or artists home page, or the uploaded preview (usually at Apple’s site). If there’s nothing better, I link to Amazon.

    In the last 7 days, this site is responsible for the sale of two Matthew Sweet CDs, one Barenaked Ladies (BNL Are Me), a Who disc (Who’s Next) one The Robert Cray Band Collection — and 2 Jack Johnson CDs. This generated the grand total of a dollar and change.

    If I am doing this for the Amazon money, then I have a pretty lousy business model . . .

  5. Chad in Japan commented on Sep 24

    Hi Barry (I hope you know that I was writing with a grin).

    You’re right, it’s a lousy business model that won’t buy much at Starbucks these days.

    At least you’re helping out one of the “worst managed companies” (Amazon)–one might think of them as “charity links”, I guess.

    Unrelated: By the way, being isolated here in Japan, I haven’t heard Clinton’s voice in a long, long time. However, I watched him blast Wallace (good for Bill!) today–and noticed something–Clinton’s voice changed (slurry, like he had a mini-stroke or something). Is he OK? Certainly has his wits about him, though.

    Anyhow, love your work, Barry. I kept refreshing my page yesterday, hoping to see Linkfest- it’s the only thing I read on the weekends (that’s why I came here and posted).


    Chad in Japan

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