Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (9/22/06)


This morning, I’ll be on CNBC at 10:00am sharp, discussing the general slowdown in the economy with the lovely Liz Claman.

I hope to go over:

The myth of the soft landing;
Various sectors under pressure;
S&P500 earnings to be impacted by lower Oil

Should be fun!


UPDATE: September 22, 2006 10:23am

Was it just me, or was I speaking way too quickly?

With so many economic sectors turning down — Transports, advertising, semiconductors, retail, banking, its  hard to see how a soft landing happens.

And no, that was not sugarcoating it  . . . 


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  1. TRJ commented on Sep 22

    I wonder if Barry can move markets. Looking at the action I think he is.

  2. fred hooper commented on Sep 22

    Don’t sugarcoat Barry. You know we’re in a recession and we’ll be buying Nausabombs houses at foreclosure auctions.

  3. iac commented on Sep 22

    Liz is such a hottie.

  4. Jdamon commented on Sep 22

    Who here likes the SPY 130 Dec expy puts at 1.80? good deal? 50 or 100 contracts?

  5. eye of the beholder commented on Sep 22

    am I missing something?
    Liz is a “hottie” and Barry you called here “lovely”, but told Maria (in some long ago post) that the “camera loves you”, meaning, in a relative performance world, that Liz is hotter than Maria?

  6. Chief Tomahawk commented on Sep 22

    No, the speed of talking was fine. Lots of good info dispensed in a short period of time. Comparatively, you said about 5 Kudlow show appearances worth in 3 minutes today. Maybe “La Liz” should spell senor Larry???

  7. MAS commented on Sep 22

    Damn missed it. Pacific Time sucks.

  8. Michael C. commented on Sep 22

    Cramer says this about oil – “Oils are going to take out the lows. That’s what always happens. No double-bottom nonsense, just a total and unequivocal downside.”

    Let’s mark this as a possible Cramer-bottom. Crude is at $60.95.

  9. Grodge commented on Sep 22

    Looked good, BR. Is it me, or did Liz see a bit more giggly than usual? Then she quoted you a little later, re-iterating your comment about the soft-landing “myth”…. could she be smitten?

  10. GerryL commented on Sep 22


    You did fine. They didnt give you a lot of time and you needed to get your ideas in quickly. A hard landing is not a subject that CNBC likes to discuss. They have so many people discussing a soft landing so I guess they felt obligated to have another point of view. However, they wont give you much time.


    I have been wondering the same thing about Cramers oil calls. He hasnt been right yet on oil so I dont know why he would be right now. He was pounding the table until recently that you had to buy the oils. Now that they have come down a lot he says you have to sell them. I think his strategy is buy high and sell low.

  11. blue herring commented on Sep 22

    i wish you would say “thank you ” rather than the generic sign off, just saying.

  12. N N commented on Sep 22

    It’s all about the new chick, Bianna Golodyga. Barry hook me up!

  13. Barry Ritholtz commented on Sep 22

    I’ve met her in the make up room in NJ.

    She is very very sweet, and even prettier in person . . .

  14. JWC commented on Sep 22

    Great to see you on the morning shows. I just cannot (will not?) watch Kudlow. Can’t stand the man. Actually, I don’t like Maria either. But Liz, well she is pretty cool. I tend to have her on every morning, until I hit the computer.

    You did fine. Yes, you could talk a little slower, but it was not noticible or a problem. And there WAS a lot to say and not much time. The reality message needs to get out more. Kudos. Hope they invite you back more often.

  15. Schahrzad Berkland commented on Sep 22

    Barry, could you tape your media appearances, for those of us who don’t have cable or can’t get to the TV at those hours?

  16. Larry Nusbaum commented on Sep 22

    “Don’t sugarcoat Barry. You know we’re in a recession and we’ll be buying Nausabombs houses at foreclosure auctions.
    Posted by: fred hooper | Sep 22, 2006 10:15:43 AM”

    FOR THE 100th TIME: I don’t sell houses! I did catch Barry this morning for the first time, since I don’t watch CNBC. Good job! (fred: stop your Larry obsession!)


  17. muckdog commented on Sep 22

    Some or most of that has already been priced in, though.

  18. blue herring commented on Sep 23

    ohh the webpage took my comments inside “<" these things and disappeared them. my comment was that i wish you would say 'thank you LIZ' rather than just a generic 'thank you'. broadcastiquette -][

  19. A Dash of Insight commented on Sep 24

    A Bet with Mildred

    It was a quiet Saturday at the office. I was reading news and catching up on some small things, until I got the call from Mildred. She’s a good person who worked many years in a job that helped others.

  20. NorthCentral commented on Sep 24

    B.R. – Great appearance. Good lookin’ brown suit you had on. Classy. What brand?


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