New MSM Blogger: NYT’s Floyd Norris

We have noted in the past when major mainstream press started their blogging efforts. The list includes  the WSJ’s blogging efforts (Barron’s, too), the NYT’s large collection of Blogs, Dow Jones Marketwatch blogs, and BusinessWeek’s blogs.

In the story we referenced earlier today, we discovered a new luminary on the blogging scene: the NYT’s venerable business reporter, Floyd Norris.

Trenchant: That’s what The Big Picture was called as one of the economic sites mentioned in Norris’ BlogRoll — which had the effect of sending me to to make sure I understood what the word meant.

BTW, his blogroll has an interesting feature: it randomizes the order on each page launch. I don’t recall  seeing that any where else.



UPDATE: September 12, 2006, 9:53am

Why this is behind the Times Select firewall is beyond me. It is absurd.

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  1. fatbear commented on Sep 11

    Why are you repeating a post from 9 days ago?

    And the randomization novelty question was answered in one of the first comments, n’est pas? (i.e., WordPress and

  2. KirkH commented on Sep 11

    I don’t know how the guy has time to write this much and not occasionally miss a detail but I do agree that this guy, if as good as BR would have us believe, could make a lot more money if not behind the pay per view wall.

  3. Craig H commented on Sep 11

    “It’s like deja-vu all over again.” – Yogi Berra

  4. royce commented on Sep 11

    It’s like the Daily Show where they go into repeats every couple of weeks.

  5. Dave L commented on Sep 12

    Thank God for comments – I thought I was losing my mind!

  6. Stuart commented on Sep 12

    I think it is posted again because Barry noted an update at the bottom, questioning why the blog was in the Times Select section and not available to the public for free.

    Attention to detail my friends, before we start questioning out host’s sanity :)

  7. fatbear commented on Sep 12

    Ah, but that Update was added only this morning – is this the onset of senility? Did our fearless leader intend to Update yesterday, but – like all too many of us – forget to add the Update when he posted? Remember Barry, it’s not forgetting where you put the keys, it’s forgetting what the keys are for.

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