Radio Interview on Marketwatch

I did this last week, and I just found the link (Thanks Roger!)

click for Marketwatch page to launch radio


I don’t love the "Watch Out!" headline — like today’s "Welcome Back" post, I thought this discussion was pretty balanced, discussing the odds of a major correction as higher than people realize. . . . 

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  1. qw commented on Sep 5


    I appreciate your “weighing the odds” type of approach here.

    My perception is that the aroma of your stance in the first half of the year had a sense of a tracker on a bear hunt with a very strong scent of the bear have left his markings on the trail leading us to the imminent capture of said bear.

    Is that (a) my mis-perception, (b) poor delivery of the original message on your part, (c) evidence of an adjustment in your current stance, (d) evidence that I don’t know how to interpret market predictions.

  2. muckdog commented on Sep 5

    Geez, who knew Marketwatch had radio? More stuff to listen to on the bike ride. Muchas gracias, Senor BR.

    It is September. Most everyone on the planet seems to be expecting at least a pullback on Wall Street. The conditions sure seem ripe. Overbought. Rallying on light volume. Seasonal trends. The Iran wild card. Real estate tumbling. Etc.

  3. Bob A commented on Sep 5

    Nice to be able to hear you talk without suffering through Kudlow.

  4. jim commented on Sep 5

    You would think the oil crooks would of had a tougher time maintaining their strangle hold on crude prices today, considering the big find by Chevron. This is what, the third large discovery lately? I know Mexico made a large deep water discovery recently and am pretty sure there was another. Something really stinks here, and I think the next foul odor is going to be the Republicans getting fried in November.

  5. jzeide commented on Sep 5

    Well Barry, its now or never for a down 06 the next 4-6weeks…and the SOuffle becoming a splatterd mess on the economy seems to be the only thing that can really spark the move…what else will it take? It seems that the market has had some real resiliance save May move down, which was a doozy. I have been here about 18 months now and all the writing is on the wall and the caution must be rewarded or the stance for those 18 months, which I have shared, will go unrewarded until it goes rewarded which is not a great trading strategy…timing …timing…timing for trading is like location… location..location to real estate…If the economy can survive the housing splat, or if the splat does not materialize more quickly into GDP, corp profits and employment, this market will hold on through 06…I still believe that the end has been in writing for those 18 months, but had more faith that the May move down was the beginning of the end and if we dont double top here…who knows?

  6. jzeide commented on Sep 5

    QW, you are spot on…your post inspired me to add my 2cents.

  7. Barry Ritholtz commented on Sep 5

    I am banning trolls and spammers with extreme prejudice.

    If you think you have been sucked into the deleting vortex by accident (posts deleted, or Email/name/IP address banned) send me an email explaining why you have been banned in error.

  8. Cherry commented on Sep 6

    Oil, did somebody say Oil? By far the most overrated hype of the last 2 years. Typical Commodity bubble which was also pumped up by the FED along with Housing, Copper, Nickel ete ete. But the deflation of 97-00 made Oil seem to rise higher than it really did rise. It wasn’t that impressive people. Now, the Commodities bust, and bust badly.

    The Chevron news is also boring me. They can’t even get there for a few years and they don’t even know how much is really there, outside silly estimates they can’t confirm. Ho hum. A bit more Oil, but is it really that big?

    If the US would completely convert their automobiles and trucks to clean energy products manufactured here, we wouldn’t have to buy Middle East oil at all. Not a drop to make the products Oil is need to make after no longer needed for Gasoline. Then you have the savings from polluting much less as well. Oh, yeah, those economies of the Middle East countries: Thump.

    Such a backward looking people we have come. Technology is there, but we don’t want to use it.

  9. brion commented on Sep 6

    Agree with Cherry—We COULD/should have a national fleet of different plug-in hybrids (fer instance) getting 200mpg NOW!
    The human race usually needs to have its’ feet held to the fire before acting but some things can’t wait…..

  10. jzeide commented on Sep 7


    Right on…now getting our govt who seems to be so personally financially conflicted to such long term common sense as energy independence and just doing the right thing, through clean technologies, needs to pass a law mandating because unfortunately we have a society that is so lazy and caught up in materialism/consumerism that if is not economically viable even still (especially after the oil bubble bursts) to sell clean/efficient/close substituting energy technologies….the private sector just wont fill the void…

  11. gsc commented on Sep 8

    they have a place like that

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