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I’ve been jammed today and I’m off to see The Who at Jones Beach Theater (a small outdoor theater).

I have a few posts I am holding off on until tomorrow. In the meantime, have a look at these recent RR&A  commentaries. (These get published here on on a delay).


UPDATE: September 13. 2006 11:46pm

Here’s a few quick pics and a flix from the show.

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  1. HM commented on Sep 13

    Love it , especially the “war gaming” scenario process

  2. RB commented on Sep 13

    Thanks for posting the RR&A commentaries, Barry. Looking quite tempting …

  3. ~ Nona commented on Sep 13

    Gosh your commentaries are good, Barry.

    Thank you for the treat!

  4. jkw commented on Sep 19

    You talked about having a student price at some point. Did you decide to not do that? Or is it some secret, hidden option that I haven’t found described on the site yet?

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