Resilience or Complacency?

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How is this for a weekend of news: Nuclear testing. Housing faltering. OPEC
supply threats. BLS Data Revisions. Despite all this recent negative news, the
markets were flat to up today.

When momentum is hot, none of this matters. No, it may not be rationale, but
it is a very real phenomena, and is one of the primary reasons we are not yet

The economy continues to show signs of softening; Housing is
not only fading, but accelerating downwards. Energy appears to be bottoming. And
the mid-term election is looking to be a ugly Foley-driven affair. I am an
Independent, but my working assumption is that if the G.O.P. loses control of
the House (a 60%
as I type this, according to Tradesports), the Democrats will open a
series of investigations: On pre 9/11 warnings, missing WMD, the response to
Katrina, and how the Medicaid Prescription Bill’s accounting was fudged.

Given all the structural issues facing the economy, as well
as the political scenario a change in power would entail, I would expect this to
be a less equity friendly than the prior Congress.

None of this will matter – until it suddenly does. While
recent polls of economists put the odds of recession at less than 25 percent, it
is worth remembering this little data point: Not one recession in the past
50 years was forecast in advance by a major poll of economic forecasters. 

Not a single one.



Two significant items of note.  At the Diabetes conference in
September, the CEO announced they were in talks with "several Global Pharmas’
about funding the next round of research, expected to cost between $10 – 20
million dollars.

Since then, the Board of Director’s Chairman bought another
(On 09/30, he acquired 292,307 shares, and on 10/03, he acquired
228,880 shares). At the same time, the founder, and an independent board member
both announced they would
not stand for re-election
. (You can see all of the SEC
filings here

My assumption is that, given the recnet conference announcement, present
Board members may be creating openings for new Board members. I wouldn’t give a
small company 10 or 20 million dollars without demanding at least one seat, and
I presume a large Pharma wouldn’t either.

I would expect any announcement of who becomes the firm’s new
investor/partner/shareholder to have a very positive impact on the stock.

If you don’t own any MII, I am urging you right HERE AND NOW
to pick up a few shares for yourselves.



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-Barry Ritholtz
October 9, 2006

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