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I never understood why, but CNBC stopped using their own URL some years ago. I assume it was the result of some ignorant corporate exec, or part of some awful partnership deal. Like Wired magazine — which many many years after a disastrous merger (was it Lycos/Hotbot?) only recently regained their own independent web publishing.

There is some irony that neither the magazine, which chronicled the rise of the internet, nor the business cable channel that followed everything internet-finance related, had their own URLs/Web pages. Wired magazine was a tab under Wired news.

CNBC was buried in an MSN Money ghetto, not even ranking as a top line tab, but instead existing as a subtab under "Investing":




It appears that CNBC has "moved on up" out of MSN, to a deluxe apartment in the sky to their own URL:  The first hint of this was the WSJ Report, which now can be found here:

I would expect that the rest of will revert back to this URL in the near future . . . 

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  1. JoshK commented on Oct 24

    Maybe they have an article about Dow 12k.

    Just maybe.

  2. KirkH commented on Oct 24

    This is what happens when you combine marketing with TCP/IP

    Oh and Gillette Mach 8 flash based ads that autoplay (with sound no less).

    I predict a kickass sports blog will emerge with open source fantasy sports software backing it. Which will promptly be sued into oblivion by the professional sports leages.

  3. Emmanuel commented on Oct 24

    To be honest, I don’t think anybody particularly misses the CNBC website.

  4. Sherman McCoy commented on Oct 24

    You know, Barry, as my rich old Aunt on the East Side says, “fish don’t fry in the kitchen and beans don’t burn on the grill”. And it did table a whole lotta trying to get up that hill. But now it’s back up in the big leagues! It’s getting its turn at bat. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  5. Michael commented on Oct 24

    I’ll bet this move is in preparation for their soon to launch premium site

  6. Caver commented on Oct 24

    I hope Dylan Ratbastard has a blog there he has such interesting things to say (“Two words….fast money”). What’s with all the Bloomberg-ers who end up on CNBC anyway. Bloombabble must not pay very well.

    And what happened to Fast Money. That show is NEVER on. Every time I try to find it that Deal or No Deal show is on. As you can see, I am quite conflicted. Like that old Catskill joke…the food is terrible there—yeah, and the portions are so small.

  7. KP commented on Oct 24

    Love ’em or hate ’em CNBC gives the sheeple what they want…”Fast Money”.

    It is after all a for profit company.

  8. challo commented on Oct 24

    that cnbc site looks more like a Maria Bartiromo site – well, I guess she IS cnbc . . . .

  9. Chief Tomahawk commented on Oct 24

    The content/organization/usefulness of is lacking. Seems as though it’s an afterthought to senior management, middle management, and falls in the lap of some intern. It needs an overhaul.

  10. Chief Tomahawk commented on Oct 24

    For example, to get this link to Mike Hegedus’ series of reports on the growth ongoing in Dubai, I had to call viewer services. Going to provided Hegedus’ bio, but no links to any of the stories he’s done.

    If you follow this link you’ll have to scroll down to “CNBC Special Report” inset to get the links to each of the 3-part segments. Well worth the time though (ever seen an indoor ski park?)

  11. Brian commented on Oct 24

    Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible to find a video of a story you want to see. Like they inteview Boone Pickens or something. Sometimes you’ll find stuff on Youtube. I dunno what they’re thinking.

  12. muckdog commented on Oct 24

    The sad thing to note is that the “segment producer” on Maria’s show will be Bianna Golodryga. Get her out in front of the camera!

    CNBC better watch out, cuz Fox News is coming out with a business channel.

  13. DavidB commented on Oct 25

    so does that WSJR stand for wall street junior? That would be a fitting name for CNBC.

    Kinda like the kiddie table that the kids have to sit at for Thanksgiving only that would be a kiddie table for investors.

    BWA HA HA!

    The only good thing about that channel is every once in a while people like uncle Barry come and sit at the table and tell the kiddies what the real world is like

  14. toddZ commented on Oct 25

    The CNBC site is just embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as the promo (which promotes the website) where the little butterfly lands on the shoulder of Bill Griffeth.

  15. KP commented on Oct 25

    “Fox News Financial…..Financial Market Manipulation….Fair and Balanced”

  16. thomas Wayne commented on Nov 14

    I used to loopk up CNBC at least once a day but then it morphed into MSN with huge letters so that you have to change your font size each time, it is a mess and I don’t go near them anymore.
    If it is true that CNBC if finally getting away from MSN and going back to the way they were,then BRAVO and it is high time. If it ain’t broke….don’t change it and above all stay away from MSN.

  17. ali commented on Feb 25

    Margaret Brennan is a great reporter and hot. get her on air MORE at CNBC… they don’t use her enough… retail or not.. she’s good.

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