long-term study of market trends

Fascinating artwork via Christophe Vorlet:


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  1. SINGER commented on Nov 10

    this guys work is really f***in cool…

  2. SINGER commented on Nov 10

    this guys work is really f***in cool…

  3. Josh commented on Nov 10

    Wow, Singer sure likes this artwork.

  4. Gabriel M. commented on Nov 10

    I am totally pirating this for my new avatar! I’m very sorry but the coolness of the image overpowered me!

  5. Curt commented on Nov 10

    I don’t get it. Please ‘splain me to that.

  6. Eclectic commented on Nov 10

    A guy appears to be pensive and quietly studious; however, in reality he’s aggressively searching the horizon mentally for opportunity.

  7. John commented on Nov 10

    This guys work really great, i love this.

  8. ~ Nona commented on Nov 10

    The artwork reminds me of two posters who always make wise, farsighted comments and whom I haven’t seen here for a while: Permabull and Zephyr.

    Permabull? Zephyr? Come back! All is forgiven!

  9. calmo commented on Nov 11

    Not exactly Escher but the clever sight gag invites an implementation of the induction principle, no? How might the next level of long-sightedness be drawn? The figure with the binoculars leaves little room, but the entire caption instead of being in the regular rectangular frame might be drawn as if looking through a set of binoculars.

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