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This is pretty cool — here’s where the last 100 readers came from: It turns out that the Big Picture readership is pretty global . . .

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  1. MAS (San Diego) commented on Dec 29

    I’ve read TheBigPicture this year from the following countries:

    New Zealand

  2. lurker commented on Dec 29

    Totally cool.
    A global happy and peaceful New Year to all!

  3. Ernst commented on Dec 29

    I am currently reading your blog from Chile. I normally post comments on Nouriel’s and Mish’s blogs

  4. Eclectic commented on Dec 29

    Hey… you mind?
    ………..can’t a guy take a leak in private!

  5. brion commented on Dec 29

    hey Barry-your eskimo readership is waaaay down.

  6. theroxylandr commented on Dec 29

    Dream on.

    Those are all members of our liberation armies. Americans.

  7. michaelcampion commented on Dec 29

    Thats me in San Diego….

    Happy New Years to TBP !

  8. Andy commented on Dec 29

    I am not Australian!!!!!!

    New Zealand is the little smudge next to it, its like showing all of the Americas in Canada (no offense intended to all). Bugger, too small to count :(

    Quiet saturday morning here!

    Happy new year all!!

    Thanks for the great blog!

  9. Eclectic commented on Dec 29

    Well Barrrry,

    Here’s the picture where I sit… and yewkin see me since you got’cho self an eye-in-the-sky play-purty.

    The market is frothy with effervescent glee and jubilation… the jury is back in now and they’re unanimous… Hard landing or recession worrries are over. Dig up yore tin cans buried in the back yard and jump in just as quick as you can.

    Buy your tickets now to the only train… they’re the last tickets to the last train leavin’ this here station… and if you miss it, yore life is over… you might as well be orbitin’ Pluto for all the good it’ll do you to e-v-e-r t-r-y to invest again if you miss this last train.

    Bob Pisani did a great job for his sweet mom (he tollus this afternoon), and al-l-l-l h-e-e-e hadda do was to just sit back and watch her Vangard Funds just climb and climb and climb (just his facts he tollus, my friends, no recommendation either way on my part).

    ‘Member back when Buffy Buffett was a-tellin’ us that he specked the old markie wouldn’t do much better’n… what? ’bout maybe 5-6-7 or so per-cen-ta-vos until about maybe the next time we cycle through a new Jurassic Period?

    Well, Bob Pisani and his sweet mom took some just plain old jane chickenshit and clocked the old markie for sumpin’ like 10 to 16 or 17% ( overall, iffin’ I heard right and I ain’t a-claimin’ I did).

    In fact, I betchee sum of her ‘vestments were so borin’ you’d enjoy watchin’ a stump rot in comparison to havin’ to keep up with ’em… but didn’t make no difference a’tall… she just clocked along, glidin’ on to in-vest-ment suc-cess, don’chee know.

    He didn’t sweat nothin’, not terrorism, not housin’ takin’ a nose dive, not the yield in-ver-sion, not Roubini, not the trucksters’ a-fadin’ business, not the BLS jobs, nor wages, nor P/E multiples, nor scandals, nor Eye-rack, nor anythin’ under the sun.

    He just said, “Back’at-arre truck up and gimme a big ole piece’a ‘Merica for my momma, and let the chips ride… don’t confuse me, don’t dis-trac-me or do nuthin’ but wake me up at the end of the year with the good news and a big old check for my sweet momma.

    I’kin see Kud-low a-gettin’ a gleamin’ in his eye as he’s a-con-tem-platin’ his next little sittin’n spinnin’ session wit’chew.

    p.s., please all, accept this wee tad of fun in good faith, and I certainly mean no disrespect to any person. I particularly like Bob Pisani’s commentary, his professionalism as well, and I’m quite sure his mother is very proud of her son.


  10. Eclectic commented on Dec 29

    Here’s the deal:

    Light up any single one of the 4 locations below, and you’ll get a specially selected cd from Eclectic.

    Deadline: Midnight, Big Pic Time.

    -Tierra del Fuego
    -North Korea
    -Diego Garcia

  11. Eclectic commented on Dec 29

    BTW, the above challenge is directed to BR only.

  12. Eclectic commented on Dec 29

    Ohhhh… I’d thought about offering Portugal… that would’ve been a mistake.

  13. Idaho_Spud commented on Dec 29

    Yep, there I am, Bakersfield…

    Must remember to set up a proxy server someday. It’s probably un-American visiting (let alone posting to) this website, I’d imagine ;)

    Now I’ve made the blacklist for certain!

  14. Eclectic commented on Dec 30

    All I can say, Spud, is that when this thing decides to hibernate, I mean it’s like they pulled the power plug!

    I think I can hear my hair growin’!

  15. bushsux commented on Dec 30

    Mr Mark Twain hisself would have giggled at your long post. Thanks and happy new year!

  16. Eclectic commented on Dec 30

    Thankye kindly Missuh bush(xxx)*

    *(I don’t recken I’ll be a-wontin’ to con-firm or not’cho ‘pinion on-nower ‘lust-re-us Leader, either way don’tchee know)

    It’s just not what I come here for, or to do, and I respect your opinion.

    I appreciate you’re kindness in expressing a tad of enjoyment on my wee contribution on this nearly New’d Up Year.

    On to a new subject: “Barry Ritholtz steps in for Mauldin.”

    BR, I just read it cover to cover, your tour de force I must say:


    … the piece you wrote for Mauldin – “Real Estate and the Post-Crash Economy” by Barry Ritholtz

    Hat’s off… issa su-preem work’a intellectual and annie-littil’l, uh, analla…uh… wull, dang-nit!… I recken I mean to say issa ritte smart and figgered out thanguh down-ritte beauty from the gitgo to the last period.

  17. My1ambition commented on Dec 30

    Happy New Year from Sydney, Australia!

  18. y. commented on Jan 1

    Happy New Year from Bangkok, Thailand! Thanks for the good content! Y.

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