Catching up with Alan Greenspan

Another Onion classic:


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  1. Idaho_Spud commented on Dec 16

    I also read he’s the greatest central banker ever. It’s amazing the things you can learn from the Onion and the WSJ ;)

  2. calmo commented on Dec 16

    But not broke enough to have a pretty sharp razor..shoot lookit that suit!
    No sweater for Big Al…not as flat-busted as he says people.
    Gotta hear this from Mrs Greenspan who knows enough to keep the family budget outa this man’s hands…

  3. KirkH commented on Dec 16

    The personal sized printing press they gave him upon his departure is under warranty. He’ll be back.

  4. phil commented on Dec 16

    I don’t get it. Is this a joke or for real?

  5. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 17

    Considering Easy Al gets paid $250k to give a speech, and that its from the Onion, I would have to guess its a joke

  6. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Dec 17

    Some more amusing Greenspan Headlines from “the Onion”….

    “Greenspan, Entourage Demolish Hotel Room”

    “Fifth-Grader Writes ‘Mrs. Alan Greenspan’ All Over Her Notebook”

    “Screaming Japanese Schoolgirls Overturn Greenspan’s Bus”

    “Mountaintop Retreat With Maharishi Leaves Greenspan Obsessed With Rupee”

  7. Philippe commented on Dec 17

    If there is a correlation between a genius in a central bank and the interest rate has it to be an inverse relationship? Please look at one decade of 10 years interest rates.
    AND Mr Greenspan could not resolve the conodrum mistery that his successor has solved in a very short time, as much credit for Mr Bernanke for a start.
    History is always peeling the onion.

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