Major Spam Attack

For some reason we have been getting absolutely slaughtered with Spam recently — a huge assault. Lately, about half of the posted comments are spam ads, splogs, and other space wasters.

To combat this, Trackbacks now need to be approved, and my assistant is culling the 50-100 comments we get a day with "extreme prejudice."

Try to avoid naked links (i.e., just posting a URL with no other commentary). If anything gets deleted that shouldn’t, please let me know.

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  1. joe commented on Dec 19

    Am told that one can borrow or lend funds at a riskless rates.could you make us understand more about this?

  2. Uncle Jack commented on Dec 19

    Kudos to you for still allowing participation here, Barry. I cut off comments on my site long ago due to the incessant spam attacks. It is absolutely relentless.

    Happy Holidays to everyone.

  3. Emmanuel commented on Dec 19

    Mr. Ritholtz–I sometimes use links and get my posts zapped, especially when I link to the infamous Cult of the Bear series! I hope that’s mere coincidence.

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