Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill

One of my favorites:

I was a huge Genesis fan, saw them live outdoors in Forest Hills years ago (check out The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, amongst others), and continued with Peter Gabriel long after — he was the creative force behind the band, and he continues to be a unique original to this day. He still puts on a great live show, check out any of the concert DVDs —  Growing Up Live is ~10 bucks; Secret World Live and Still Growing Up are both excellent).   

Not many artists will name their first 3 solo releases eponymously. In order, they are:

Peter Gabriel   
Peter Gabriel 
Peter Gabriel 

Also worth checking out are Security and So

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  1. Robert Coté commented on Dec 28

    “So” is on everyone who matters’ top ten.

    Of course, Top Ten might mean top 10Gbs to these wippersmappers.

  2. Captain Ned commented on Dec 28

    The Phil/Mike/Tony version of Genesis will be going back on the road in early ’07 in Europe and late ’07 in the USA. I still hold out hope that a few of these shows will recreate what happened October 2, 1982.

    For those of the ROIO persuasion, both Genesis and Peter Gabriel state that they’re OK with it as long as no money changes hands.

  3. winjr commented on Dec 28

    Not too crazy about “Trick of the Tail”? I was actually a bit surprised — thought the album would suck, but it didn’t. And, heck, this Phil Collins dude even sounded like Gabriel.

    Kinda went downhill after that, though. IMHO.

  4. Jim Bergsten commented on Dec 29

    Those who respect/admire Peter Gabriel (I hate using the word “fan”) might enjoy his monthly video communiques — more or less recorded at the full moon, thus the name — “Full Moon Club.”

    It’s amazing to see how many eclectic, diverse, and beneficial things Peter is involved in.

    Sort of like some blog authors we know…

  5. Eclectic commented on Dec 29

    Well, after 4 pm Friday you can have 4 days to listen to it… since Nasdaq will now close Tuesday (surely NYSE will also) for the Ford funeral.

    Or you can mystify us with timely macroeconomic insights until Mrs. Big Pic is merciful enough to save us all.

  6. Will Geisdorf commented on Dec 29

    Concert Vault is a great website to listen to live concerts in their entirety. It has a bunch of old concerts that Bill Graham promoted. Sign up is free and they keep adding to their collection on a weekly basis. With the markets likely putting me to sleep today I will be enjoying a Genesis concert from the Los Angeles Forum in 1986.

  7. Tlazolteotl commented on Dec 29

    Also, Robert Fripp’s Exposure lp has an excellent version of Here Comes the Flood.

  8. Tracy commented on Jan 5

    This song helped me get thuogh a very hard time in my. In one yr. I lost my house in flood..months later I lost my brother in a bad motorcycle crash…six months later my step-dad killed himself B/c he could not take the death of my brother. I’am not making this up..I played this song every day! So that is my little stroy I wish that one day Icould tell Mr. Gabriel Thank You ever so much for his Music!!

  9. Cindy Hicks commented on Mar 10

    I just recently had a renewed interest in Peter Gabriel when I saw his Growing Up concert on the Rave channel. My husband and I went out and bought it and play it practically every day. Now I want to go back the last 15 years and buy up everything he’s done. He’s amazing in his performances, he sounds better live (to us) and that’s a great compliment. I might also add he looks great with the little bit of weight he’s put on. SEXY SEXY

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