I have been thinking about polling the BP’s readers on a regular basis, touching on a variety of issues. I wouold be interested in the general views and consensus of readers.

What say ye?:

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  1. Leisa commented on Dec 11

    That the poll results were nestled against compelling links for “Are You Hot?”…which I’m still wondering if it is for women of my age suffering from hot flashes or something worse, is damnation enough for using it!

  2. Alex commented on Dec 11

    Is there a selection bias when asking readers via a poll if they are in favor of polls?

  3. my1ambition commented on Dec 11

    Barry thank you! Maybe put it on the side so it won’t “disappear” with new posts.

    And I love you’re third option, very cute.

    Also I believe you can play around with colors if you have any IE browser. (I guess IE7 helps with something).

  4. alexd commented on Dec 11

    I like the idea and hate the idea. As popularity of this blog is likely to continue there are going to be more and more people of +- quality. after a while we will get some idea of the qualtiy of the information. I want a pole of those who tend to be correct! Or a pole of regular posters who show that they are astute, rational and wise. I know that throws me out of the ring but so it goes. Yes and BR should choose.

  5. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 11

    Very legitimate point Alex.

    I spoke to typepad some time ago about a priority class of readers — a “registered” reader.

    I’ll follow up with typepad about that in January . . .

  6. Bengal commented on Dec 11

    I value the content of The Big Picture not because it reflects any kind of “consensus,” but because it reflects Barry’s views and wisdom, which so often are contrarian and counter-consensus. So I’m not sure what’s the value of adding polling. Those with a viewpoint to express already can do so using the comment function.

  7. theroxylandr commented on Dec 11

    Poll is good as long as there is a good topic.

    Making a poll just for fun is no good. If you have enough ideas for good polls – then good luck!

  8. my1ambition commented on Dec 11

    Although I agree with alexd, I would say that it would still be interesting to see actual opinions, from all bloggers alike, even of those who don’t have our audacity to post.

    Still waiting to hear eclectic’s view on this.

  9. my1ambition commented on Dec 11

    I THINK THE POLL HAS SPOKEN. 215/70 in favor. (unless, of course, Barry is a true contrarian)

  10. my1ambition commented on Dec 11

    I THINK THE POLL HAS SPOKEN. 215/70 in favor. (unless, of course, Barry is a true contrarian)

  11. JWC commented on Dec 11

    I enjoy an occasional poll, as long as the questions and answers are well written.

    I’m a regular reader and am probably one of the few that is not an “investor”. Retired, what money we have invested is on autopilot, in my husbands version of couch potato, “conservative/safe” version. Still I love reading things econmic and Barry is my favorite writer for those topics.

    I have no problem with there being registered commentors. I have stopped reading some otherwise good blogs because of the trolls.

  12. Frank Rizzo commented on Dec 11

    You should provide:
    – a full-text site feed;
    – in RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0 format.

    I want a poll on that.

    I second that! And I would vote YES.

  13. Chief Tomahawk commented on Dec 11

    BR, that third option should read “How do we suggest poll questions”…

    And a suggestion:

    “How much do you plan to spend on holiday shopping this year:

    A) More than last year
    B) The same as last year
    C) Less than last year”

    And another suggestion…

    “If you’ve been holiday shopping already, how would you rate activity:

    A) Parking is tough, stores crowded, best items/deals sold out, tough to get sales associate help…

    B) Things are so-so

    C) Parking’s easy, crowds are sparse, most popular items still can be had, easy to get a salesperson”

  14. my1ambition commented on Dec 11

    How about something a bit more “economic”. No offense Chief but shopping sounds more like a CNN poll.

  15. russell120 commented on Dec 11

    The poll wouldn’t have to be yes or no.
    One question could be:

    How many times does it take you to get the confirming word scramble letters correct?
    a) 1
    b) 2-3
    c) other

    I don’t pay attention to most polls, but with interesting enough questions that might change.

  16. Critic commented on Dec 11

    If you are going to do polls, I suggest you follow one of the Daily Kos traditions, and always include “pie” as one of your choices. This gives your readers a tasty and perhaps fruit-filled way of saying “none of the above” without a need to go to the comments and belabor why you have asked the wrong question or provided the wrong choices to your question.

  17. blablabla commented on Dec 11

    i was allowed only 1 vote and have 2 computer !
    —> discrimination
    i vote : no, no

  18. Joe commented on Dec 11

    I like the idea, only b/c it will help reveal the inherent bias of the readership, one way or another. I wouldn’t take the opinions of the readership much more than that. If I did, I’d be reading their blog!

    Not that bias is necesarily a bad thing, but its inevitable, especially in blog readership.

  19. Bob A commented on Dec 11

    If you’re limited to three question polls like above the problem is coming up with anything that’s meaningfull at all. If you had a section with several questions occasionally it might produce some results worth attention. As with any poll, the way the questions are formed can be manipulated towards a desired outcome and the results can often be misleading or meaningless.

    My short answer is No. Because a gratuitous simplistic poll (like are you bullish or bearish for the coming week) just cheapens the content.

  20. heather commented on Dec 11

    One of the problems I have with polls is that they are hardly ever presented in context. When is 60% agreement significant? when is 80% significant? So I’d be against polls that simply post numbers but provide no useful “baseline.”

  21. Lord commented on Dec 11

    How about with comments so we can each add our own quips.

  22. Fred commented on Dec 11

    I read your blog for your views. I mostly ignore the comments.

  23. Eclectic commented on Dec 12


    I voted for the poll… but on second thought, I must admit it may be hard for BR to organize one that accomplishes anything other than helping him administer changes to The Big Pic.

    I suppose, really, every topic he opens essentially becomes a poll.

  24. Eclectic commented on Dec 12

    Whassamatta Fred… none of the rest of us trenchant?

  25. Eclectic commented on Dec 12


    If you have time to handicap the Fed:

    What will they do and say today, and what will stocks and bonds do for the remainder of the afternoon after the release?

  26. david zaitzeff commented on Dec 12

    we should poll the readers about upcoming market movements, and then see if the numbers are useful as a leading indicator or a contrarian indicator.

  27. Michael commented on Dec 12

    Barry, if you do start polling more regularly you should really check out http://www.PollDaddy.com , they have the nicest polling tool (widget) that I’ve seen.

  28. my1 commented on Dec 13

    I’m with david. Are we followers or leaders?

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