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  1. jmf commented on Dec 1


    i think almost every major german financial newspaper would be jealous to this kind of traffic and the quality of contend……:-)

    have a nice weekend.

  2. KP commented on Dec 1

    What’s up with the odd months?

  3. aaron commented on Dec 1

    With that kind of traffic this blog could almost be more profitable than trading.

  4. toddZ commented on Dec 1

    Consistency is the key to success and everyday, without fail, there is something new and interesting posted here.

    I can’t imagine how much time you put into the blog, but I appreciate all your effort. The insight and analysis is amazing.

    You have a terrific site, and much in which to be proud.

  5. SINGER commented on Dec 1

    looks like that warehouse full of bangledeshi workers your paying 18c an hour to view your site is paying off

  6. muckdog commented on Dec 1

    And to get those hits, you don’t even have to put up any pics of Bianna Golodryga!

  7. Rich_Lather commented on Dec 1

    How many come here seeking an answer to when the economy will eventually tank? I know of one.

    Perhaps its Bears seeking Bears doing the traffic increase for you.

    Back to the topic, you do post some timely and relavent stuff here. At an average of 3 posts a day, you’re investing quite a bit of time in this. Keep up the good posts, make an Amazon portal, and get some pay for it.

    Thanks for the good work.

  8. Teddy commented on Dec 1

    Dollar down, oil going up, economy weakening, inflation still a problem, and yet long term rates are going down and the housing stocks are rallying, really strange. It looks like housing is sadly the most important component of our economy and nominal growth at any cost is the objective. If so, the debt peddlers should be very busy making money.

  9. J. Bridges commented on Dec 1

    Congratulations of the traffic flow– very well deserved, indeed. After listening to (or trying to block out) the constant spin & pumping on CNBC everyday, it’s refreshing to read your analysis & selected data points.

    My father was in the business for a long time, and liked to say that only salesman and pompous douche bags went on financial television: you, sir, are a big exception. If the over-enthusiatic and dumb have Cramer, I’d like to think that the calm and skeptical have Ritholtz.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Alan Greenspend commented on Dec 2

    Bravo Barry!

    Seems like mostly lookie-lew’s, viewing without commenting, thank goodness. I wonder how much of that traffic is spiders and robots?

    I see you have this on your robots.txt page-

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /t/trackback
    Disallow: /t/comments
    Disallow: /t/stats
    Disallow: /t/app

    # weird MSIE thing that keeps hammering
    User-agent: Active Cache Request
    Disallow: *

    Keep up the excellent work, I hit your blog several times a day!

  11. DavidB commented on Dec 2

    Way to go Barry!

    You are living proof that the public will support those who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. If only the MSM would have the courage to go in that direction we could have a truly free and truthful media again.

    One way or another it will continue to happen because the public will continue to move away from the MSM if they don’t get their act together. Let the truth be free!

  12. Chief Tomahawk commented on Dec 2

    Is the chart showing signs of topping out?!?

    (I’m kidding. I’ve actually tried to help out- a colleague asked for the best economic blogs on the internet and I forwarded yours. Wouldn’t be surprised if all the residents on the reservation here soon aren’t stopping by for visits on a regular basis…)

  13. V L commented on Dec 2


    One capitalistic suggestion: Monetize and profit from this traffic by adding some Google/Yahoo/MSN pay-per-click ads. Each of us would click a couple of ads every time we visit the blog and you would be rewarded for your excellent work.

  14. j d ess commented on Dec 2

    Is the chart showing signs of topping out?!?

    my thoughts exactly. the “stabilization” of bigpicture readership is upon us.

  15. Sajal commented on Dec 3

    Barry. Great website! I’ve been a regular reader for almost a year now.. You’re truly the guru!

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