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Nice calendar of Economic releases from Econoday (no subscription required):


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  1. Steve commented on Jan 17

    That’s awesome. I always wondered why most economic calendars online are crappy.

  2. Eclectic commented on Jan 17

    I’ve used this info for almost 2 years I think, however see if you don’t think the Nasdaq site linked below wraps it in a bit better package for us common folk.

    Find at the top today’s releases.

    There’s a bit more info on the analysis of each release, whether one agrees with the way it’s cast or not (I find it’s not too editorially burdensome). And notice the pre-and post-release notations plus the news item coverage at the top:

  3. day4night commented on Jan 17

    Thanks for getting this stuff out there Barry. uses this as their econ calendar, but a problem is that there are no int’l reports included. For example today’s Bank of Japan rate announcement is not included even though it could potentially have strong repercussions in the US if there is a sense that Yen liquidity is drying up (an oft-cited reason for the last global/US correction — carry trades etc.).

    A good GLOBAL calendar is at

    Also try the calendar at

    The Forex Factory calendar is quite good, though it updates only a few days before the events. But it has a brief description of the event and a “consensus” view often different from Bloomberg’s (or Reuters, etc., which are not free online as far as I know). The forecasts seem as good as anywhere else.

    Finally, at the wonderful you can create charts of economic indicator time series, create moving averages, overlay charts (see “advanced features”) and get a visual picture of trends and so on. If you don’t know what you’re looking at or are looking for non-US series go straight to the bottom nav. Outstanding site.

  4. DrToast commented on Jan 18

    Briefing is good and has the best commentary, but I don’t like that you can go back and see past reports, at least I haven’t figured that out.

  5. astraea commented on Jan 18

    thanks for getting good information

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