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  1. Eclectic commented on Dec 22

    BR, Here’s a philosophical question for you:

    If you could, by waving a magic wand, give a newborn child of yours the privilege of living a life with a guarantee of being able to obtain goods and services at cost, without a mark-up, would you tap the wand and do so?

    What would it do for that child?

    Is there anyone who would not tap such a wand were it available to them for their chosen child?

    What would be the ultimate economic end game were we all able to tap the wand for all children born to us?

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 22

    I would want to know what else I could do with this magic wand!

  3. Eclectic commented on Jan 8

    It’s nice to see my philosophical concepts getting the respect they so richly deserve.

    The answer to my original question is:

    …If every person could attain such a privilege for themselves (their offspring perpetually), there’d eventually be no expression of profit in economic endeavor, for profit is an erroneous concept, as this philosophical expression will prove to you if you ponder it to infinity.

    Pondering this will also assist you in proving ‘to yourself’ that the real objective of all human economic endeavor is the philosophical marginal attainment of zero cost for goods and services.

    You should reprint all of my philosophical economics here… thus helping to advance my Nobel for Economics a few years.


  4. Big Al commented on Jan 8

    The jolly old cornucopia, as impossible as the mill that grinds salt perpetually.

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