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I noticed earlier this morning that tons-o-traffic were heading this way via Valuewiki. It turns out they did an analysis of the  Most Popular Finance Blogs.

We fared pretty well, coming in after Herb and Seeking Alpha. According to Alexa, that makes us the highest trafficked, non MSM, non aggregator blog.


Here’s their top 20:

1 TR: 53,449 (166 links from 63 blogs) A: 577
2 TR: 2,734 (3,859 links from 683 blogs)  A: 5161
3 TR: Unk A: 18,500
4 TR: 595 (55,276 links from 1,558 blogs)  A: 18,588
5 TR: 18,407 (838 links from 177 blogs) A: 86,000
6 TR: 6,891 (2,542 links from 377 blogs) A: 96,000
7 TR: 19,067 (3,381 links from 170 blogs) A: 100,000
8 TR: Unk A: 151,800
9 TR: 27,742 (411 links from 118 blogs) A: 210,000
10 TR: 45,277 (563 links from 74 blogs) A: 223,322
11 TR: 15,637 (840 links from 201 blogs) A: 226,231
12 TR:703,564 (10 links from 5 blogs) A:249,040
13 TR: 12,952 (792 links from 243 blogs)  A: 250,000
14 TR: Unk A: 253,941
15 TR: 105,571 (99 links from 32 blogs) A: 255,763
16 TR: Unk A: 258,880
17 TR: 24,590 (891 links from 133 blogs) A: 281,838
18 TR: 41,307 (2,342 links from 81 blogs) A: 283,368
19 TR: 29,668 (442 links from 109 blogs)  A: 295,000


This reminds me of a few things I need to do:

• I can’t seem to get Technorati’s Claim Your Blog feature to work for the Big Picture (it works fine for essays & effluvia);

• I should update the "What’s this blog about?" post; I suspect many readers are relatively new here  and may need some explnation as to what’s this all about.

• Lastly, I need to create a disclosure doc to answer all of the usual questions I seem to get about stock positions, blog payola, editing, posting comments etc. 


Thanks Jon and Zac!

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  1. Lauriston commented on Jan 29

    Congrats Barry! Well deserved!

  2. David commented on Jan 29

    Congratulations, Barry.

    As for the Technorati glitch, send them an email from the support/help page on their site and they’ll probably get back to you within the week on how to possibly fix that.

    They’re usually pretty good about keeping up with user comments/complaints.

  3. angryinch commented on Jan 29

    Hard to believe Ant & Son is one of the top blogs. That site is basically a regurgitation of every tout email spam I get. They cut and paste bulletin-board stock press releases and then have the cojones to call the material “unbiased.” UFB. What a POS.

  4. Bluzer commented on Jan 30

    Greenberg is concise and logical. Gives me what he thinks I need need with a minimum amount of overhead. I appreciate that. He is not trying to discern the big picture – and so is light on macro.

    Barry’s picture is a bit too large. And can – like big pictures – get too cluttered, drawing attention away from the significant. And I’m not talking about coffee or DVDs here. Still, a worthy mention – with room for improvement.

    Seeking Alpha is good – like a big enchilada. But hardly a blog.

    I’m surprised that Mish is not on the list. He’s a lot better than some on the others. His absence maybe yet another symptom of our national ADD affliction – compounded by his verbosity.

    And most of the others can be characterized, at best, as acceptable. I’m a little disappointed that this is the best the blogsphere has to offer. I was hoping, like a SETI scientist, that there were engaging, exotic and incisive blogs out there – just waiting to be discovered. I’ll keep hoping.

  5. Kris Tuttle commented on Jan 30

    It’s funny but now that I look at the list I agree that it feels like there should be more advanced financial blogs out there than the ones people are reading today. I like The Big Picture and a few others I’ll add to my blogroll shortly.

    The momentum for blogging is strong so I would expect more talented folks to at least test the medium. However the it’s still hard to compare the income from blogging versus what the large financial firms can offer. I’m a little surprised one of the big ones missing a chief economist/strategist hasn’t picked Barry off for their own use with a big package.

  6. Steve Goulet commented on Jan 30

    Congrats! Those other guys aren’t even in my RSS subscription list.

    I still think you should fix the links for IE 7 users though :)

    Especially with Vista coming out, there will be more ane more of us who can’t see those links on the right nav.

  7. Bill commented on Jan 30

    And you have been mostly bearish for the past 7 months!! Imagine how many people will like you when the market confirms your bearish sentiment…
    You might be the number one financial blogger in all the WORLD

  8. Jean Loup commented on Jan 30

    << According to Alexa, that makes us the highest trafficked, non MSM, non aggregator blog.>>

    Well I think you deserve it very much, your blog is fantastic

  9. Asif commented on Feb 1

    I have followed the Technorati instructions to the letter and even contacted support but like you, I have not been able to get the “Claim Your Blog” feature to work properly for the SINLetter blog.

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