U2 New Year’s Day

We’ve touched upon U2 several times on recent years — most especially the alleged theft and subsequent release on the P2P networks of U2’s last album, "How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb."

So instead of a rant, we simply present a fitting song for today . . .


If you get a chance to catch the next U2 tour, its highly recommended. I saw them last year at Madison Square Garden (11/22/05) —  Great show!

You can’t go wrong with any of these:

All That You Can’t Leave Behind

The Joshua Tree

Rattle and Hum [LIVE]

Achtung Baby

The Unforgettable Fire

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  1. GRL commented on Jan 1

    In the linked posting, written in 2004, you make the following statements:

    If the U2 CD sells big, expect to see a spate of other “stolen” master recordings subsequently showing up online.

    The only question is how long will it takes before some label hires a P2P savvy label exec. Once the labels finally wake up to what Clearchannel has done to their business model, they can finish off radio’s slow death and move fully into the digital age.

    So my question is: It’s been two years. How did these predictions turn out?

  2. Bluzer commented on Jan 1

    “Nothing changes on New year’s Day”

    Always the reality…never the intent.

    Dudes rok though.

  3. Chad commented on Jan 1

    Also, check out the DVD live at Slade Castle. It is REALLY good!


    Correction. It is U2 Go Home. Live at SLANE Castle. Sorry for the goof up.

  4. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jan 1


    Those forecasts turned out pretty well — we’ve seen a slew of singles, albums and movies surreptiously released on P2P networks, as producers seeded popular blogs for that very purpose.

    In addition to How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, we also saw Revenge of the Sith. And it was likely that Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine was surreptiously released to the P2P networks. Then there was Warner Brothers started using Bit Torrent. And of course, Playboy.

    The biggest news was that this past August, the industry created a legal P2P service, Spiral Frog.


    (You know, there is a Google search box to the right – you can look these things up yourself)

  5. Jeff D commented on Jan 1

    I caught their first show at Saitama Super Arena outside of Tokyo. They were as fabulous as always, though they did not play New Year’s Day.

  6. babygal commented on Jan 1

    If anyone was wondering just $10 goes from the “RED” IPOD sales-maybe Bono should kick in a few more of his own bucks…

  7. Bill a.k.a. NO DooDahs! commented on Jan 2

    U2 hasn’t been U2 since the concert at Red Rocks. They are a gutless, over-produced shadow of the band they once were.

    Pick up “War,” or “Boy,” or “Under a Blood Red Sky.”

    For whatever reason, mainstream music generally refuses to play that part of their catalog.

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