Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (2/13/07)



Back in the studio tonite, at 5:00
– 5:15pm

The topics will include Goldman Sachs Commodities Index, the soon to be revised downwards GDP, and Q4 earnings.

Other panelists include Noah Blackstein (the scourge of the Great White North) and Ralph Acampora, author of The 4th Megamarket.

In what must be one the oddest coincidences of my career, was my NYIF professor in the TA courses I took way back in the mid-1990s.

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  1. SINGER commented on Feb 13

    B Real

    the big picture got big upped big time on Frank Barbera’s Wrap Up @ Financial Sense Online…

    Check it

  2. Brian commented on Feb 13

    If there’s any way to see today’s broadcast of Kudlow online I’d love to check it out. I’m a current student of Acampora’s but I’m in Denver this week in a hotel that doesn’t have CNBC . . . Cheers.

  3. KirkH commented on Feb 13

    Ohh, the humility! You need to start your own show in a year or two and dump porridge on guests who make bad calls in honor of the fall of Goldilox.

    Anybody that says housing is plateauing hasn’t seen the three stories in the last couple of days about realtors being shot. It’s ugly out there.

  4. BDG123 commented on Feb 14

    I think you do need to start your own show. Pick up the phone, call Fox and start positioning yourself as an anchor or segment host on their new channel. You’d be a good host. Well spoken, knowledgable enough to make the show educational or useful and it wouldn’t be the hype machine of CNBC. Plus, you’d get the added benefit of wearing makeup every day. Who knows. Maybe I’d mail the studio a dress for you to wear as well.

  5. MAS (San Diego) commented on Feb 14

    Brian –
    It wasn’t a good show. Pasani and Noah pushed Barry against the lockers and took his lunch money while Kudlow laughed. :)

  6. CDizzle commented on Feb 14

    Barry doesn’t have “mass appeal.” He’s intelligent, honest and objective. No way that show succeeds on American TV.

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