My YouTube DMCA Take Down Notice


I uploaded the Lily Allen songs Smile and LDN (stream them here) from last week’s SNL. I guess NBC wasn’t too happy with that . . .

I found it kinda hard to take the warning seriously too seriously.

Why?  The "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN PERMAMENTLY DISABLED" was conveniently located on a form, to ah, um, open a new account.

So I did. 


NBC taught me a lesson — no more promoting their shows anymore!

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  1. donna commented on Feb 10

    Yeah.. nothing like the networks making themselves even more irrelevant, is there?


  2. crack.pipe commented on Feb 10

    Why should I watch their ads, All the best stuff is on You Tube anyway? Stupid networks trying to make money off their product.

  3. BamBam commented on Feb 10

    I’m sure they wouldn’t object if you posted something from MSNBC.

  4. peachin commented on Feb 10

    Steve Jobs did a wonderful thing by reflecting all the criticism toward him – and redirected it to the 4 largest music companies. CD’s are like a big tree dying – the tree is dead but the leaves still think things are OK. The power of the web is greater and stronger than all the music companies, Hollywood – and Network TV. Content is King – once only – just like an artist – once they sell a painting – that’s it…At least Jobs collects $.99 and gives $.70 to the music business – isn’t that enough? Maybe these big boys will find another way to control $omething.

  5. paul commented on Feb 10

    What happened to the idea of a warning? Isn’t progressive discipline a well understood concept?

    Better still might be education. Maybe someone could put up a page with a list of companies that don’t like their content posted on YouTube.

  6. DG commented on Feb 12

    I just saw Lily Allen sat night here in NYC. Very entertaining, fun concert, if only a touch amateurish.

  7. rdub9000 commented on Feb 13

    Please remove any reference to SNL on your blog. We don’t want anyone to watch our shows or know that we exist, that way we can continue with our completely lack luster creative writing without anyone noticing that we suck b*lls compared to what we were 15 years ago.

    Honestly, I think that they should let viewers submit skits via online – and recognize them for their submissions when they get broadcast. I bet they would get better ideas that way.
    Might be worth a shot, and it couldn’t hurt them any.

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