Joss Stone

Joss_stone English chantreuse Joss Stone blows the roof off of the dump:  A live performance off of her upcoming third album, Introducing Joss Stone. (Its scheduled for release today).

Stone is another 20 year old British ingenue (see our early discussion of Lily Allen) with an original voice who can belt out an R&B number with a world weariness beyond her years.

She talks about her artistic breakthrough on the new album (March 20 release) in an interview here.


Good stuff . . .

UPDATE:  March 31, 2007 7:35am

Tell Me ‘Bout It on Letterman

See also Mind, Body & Soul   

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  1. dblwyo commented on Mar 20

    BR – thanks. Hard to buy ‘ingenue’ with that voice. What comes to mind is Janis. Maybe some day we’ll here some covers – love to hear her do “The Rose” :). Meanwhile what’s her phone ?

  2. jswede commented on Mar 21

    still waiting for the Amy Winehouse post……..

  3. babygal commented on Mar 21

    Joss boring-Amy awesome!

  4. Mozatta commented on Mar 21

    joss stone…ehhh.

  5. CBQ commented on Mar 22

    You are revealing your musical credentials with this post. Probably best to keep your enthusiasm for Ms Stone quiet…

  6. CBQ commented on Mar 22

    Ok – just browsed all your music posts and I’ll forgive you for liking Joss Stone, though, from the majority of the other music posts, I would have expected you to have better taste.

    enjoying the blog.


  7. Barry Ritholtz commented on Mar 23

    Watch the live performance before you trash her.

    I don’t know any of her prior work — but she shows off a major set of pipes on this song.

    Plus, I’m an admitted sucker for a cute girl with a British accent . . .

  8. mike commented on Mar 27

    I can’t find any better place to post this than here – check out Anne McCue’s debut release Koala Motel – it may be the best CD of the year. She rocks more than Lucinda Williams and has a song writing snarl that might remind you of early Liz Phair.

  9. Stefan commented on Apr 3

    I can’t even believe you guys are comparing Amy Winehouse to Joss Stone. Not even in the same league. Joss Stone Voice is soulful and powerful, and Amy’s well Let me Just Say “No,No,No”.

  10. Sugga commented on May 7

    Joss is all of that +. Everyone has a right to there opinion but no need to say she is boring and other negative comments for that matter you all must not have good taste or any class.

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