Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (3/7/07)



Back in the studio tonite, at 5:00
– 5:30 pm
. Also in the studio with Michael Cuggino, Mark Skousen.

UPDATE: March 7, 2007 5:47pm

That will probably be the last appearance of "the sweater" for 2007 — last minute fill  in today, and the extra jacket/tie I keep in the office were used yesterday!

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  1. Eclectic commented on Mar 7

    I’m lookin’ forward to watch98in’ yo sweet aavasavage selff tonighttteeeee on the geeaaaatrtest never bennnn tytold sshowww

  2. brion commented on Mar 7

    Eclectic…..What’s up with the Uncle Remus?

    Barry is it possible for you to link to da videeoze so i’se gwine a watch dem layter times?

  3. Eclectic commented on Mar 7


    whaas whisss?=–s..keeeeeee got-tod o.ssodo wifff uimclle rmiss?i

  4. Chief Tomahawk commented on Mar 7

    Ok. I tuned in tonight but didn’t hear any F-bombs. Did they have the broadcast on delay by chance?

  5. Ross commented on Mar 7

    In early 2005, Bennie and June wanted to marry and set up housekeeping. Bennie rented a small studio and June was still living with her sister. They went looking for a two bedroom apartment and found one for $1250 a month. They were told they needed to pay first and last months rent plus a $750 deposit. They did not have $3250 in cash. June was a secretary and earned about $28,000 a year pretax. Bennie was a salesman for a tote the note used car dealer and averaged close to $38,000. They were bright young kids and knew to keep the housing expense to about a quarter of their after tax income.

    Bennie’s Uncle Vinny had a solution for their dilemma. He knew of this house that had just gone on the market by owner in a very nice neighborhood in Phoenix. It was priced at $600,000 and was just two years old. Uncle Vinny told Bennie to go to the owner and offer him $625,000 on the condition that the house would be financed for $700,000 and that the day after closing the seller would kickback $75,000 to Bennie and June. Bennie would have to pay cousin Lennie, a certified appraiser, $15,000 which would leave Bennie and June about $60,000 to set up housekeeping. Their loan would be No doc no closing cost 100% with a two year teaser rate of 3.75%. It would reset in January 07 at 4.5% above Libor.

    Uncle Vinny recommended that Bennie save the amount they would have paid for an apartment to pay taxes and insurance on their new home. It was a done deal.

    Every January for the past two years, Bennie and June’s insurance company raised their coverage on the house by $100,000. Besides structural damage, the contents package was equal to 40% of the house value.

    Bennie and June were happy. Their house payment of $2187 a month was $937 more than rent but that money came from the $60,000 they banked at closing with about $7500 left over after two years. Then came the shocker. Their mortgage holder informed them that their loan had re set to 9.8% which increased their monthly to $5,716 a month.

    Bennie went to Uncle Vinny for advice. Uncle Vinny told torefi but the market had collapsed and Bennie and Junes house was only worth $600,000. Uncle Vinny then recommended a visit to his third cousin Denny who was the son of great Aunt Winnie. Denny specialized in mortgage equity extractions.

    Denny told Bennie and June to plan a vacation, purchase two potted palm trees and a space heater to keep them alive in their garage while they were away. Curiously Denny told the to make sure the car they left in the garage to have a full tank of gas……..

    Upon arriving home from vacation, Bennie and June were aghast to find their beautiful four bedroom three and a half bath home utterly destroyed by fire! Poor heartbroken Bennie and June collected their by then $560,000 insurance. A small gift of $50,000 to Uncle Vinny and Denny for consulting on this matter still left the with enough to completely rebuild their home on their own lot and foundation. Fire equity extraction. FEW coming to a neighborhood near YOU…………….

  6. Eclectic commented on Mar 7

    Hey Barrrringo:

    G’head, call me out again… put me on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone.

    I’m thinkin’ about re-freshin’ my challenge… Do you recken U R up to-it?

    You recken you can show up at my in-tii-lek’yal gunfight with mor’n a kuh-nife like the lass tiiime?

    G’ahead… make my day.

  7. MAS (San Diego) commented on Mar 7

    Was KUDLOW hopped up on speed? In that first segment he was talking like he’d just downed a pot of coffee.

  8. theroxylandr commented on Mar 7

    I missed why that was the last time? Is Kudlow cleaning the house? Speak no evil?

  9. Brian commented on Mar 7

    Larry seems a little cranky and rattled of late. Probably that Pelosi Bull Market we had in the fall.

  10. V L commented on Mar 7

    I did not get it. Why was Obama Bin Laden investing in US stock market and losing 13K?

    No wonder they cannot find him in the mountains.

    Is Obama Bin Laden working on Wall Street as NYSE specialist?

  11. Jdog33 commented on Mar 8

    I keep buying these “Big Picture” puts and keep losing money. I’m starting to feel like this isn’t 2000-2003 all over again, but just a normal fluctuating market that will see its share of 5 – 9% corrections each year.

    When is the big flush coming Barry? Wasn’t your call for Dow 7600 by end of 2006? Love the site, but it keeps costing me $$$.

  12. Josh commented on Mar 8

    What was the whole conversation about the Kiwi dollar and how it could affect the Yen? Kudlow just starts yapping like my 3 year old and covers up whatever it is was being talked about.

    How could the kiwi dollar increase impact the yen?

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