Nikkei Opens Down 500 (3%)

Before heading off to bed, I decided to take a quick look at what was going on in Asia: Ouch!

Note the red line at top — yesterday’s close

click for live chart



Here’s what the rest of the world looks like:

click for live table



And with that, I bid you a good night!

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  1. brion commented on Mar 13


  2. Si commented on Mar 13

    Bit of wiggle on, whooaah

  3. wcw commented on Mar 13

    3%? Seems excessive. S&P futures on Globex have barely budged since the close. This looks like the Nikkei response to the US’s 2% drop. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love if this kept up around the globe. I am long gamma this week, so all volatility is good for me, and the downside always pumps up the vols best. I’m not counting on it, though.

  4. MarkTX commented on Mar 14

    According to the last report of major drops in markets… et al (Cramer comes to mind)…

    Looks like another computer error….

    Just flip the switch and all is good…maybe even real good….(LOL)

  5. MarkTX commented on Mar 14

    Then again….

    looking at the indexes today…

    Was that a SELL repeat SELL program all day long on all indexes???

  6. GRL commented on Mar 14

    Is it possible that the subprime rot in the U.S. has led to wordlwide contagion?

  7. KirkH commented on Mar 14

    Back when I had a cushy job this was somewhat entertaining. Now I’m busting my ass for sweat equity at a startup and I find myself hoping Kudlow and Cramer are right, as twisted as that sounds.

  8. Eclectic commented on Mar 14

    Bed?? What??

    …You’re goin’ to F’n bed!… and leave us the F playin’ mumblety peg with each other all night, tossin’ cards at a hat and watchin’ Asian markets tank without the emotional support of our fearless leader?

    Get’cho sorry butt out of that bed this minute!

    What kind of example are you settin’ for newbie BigPicturites?

    Okay…okay, okay! Okay, so, I apologize for hammerin’ you with the 10-yr… and I was gonna serve up a mea culpa on Vista, but noOoOoo… you pick now to get some sl-e–ee-epp!

    Well, just listen… be sure and don’t wake Bondie when you get up in the mornin’ cause it took me a long time to get her to sleep… Okay?

    Ohhh, Bondie… my BONDIE! Now, BR, see what you went and did!… you got me thinkin’ about little Bondie…. and the doctors, oh no… they said… BR (boohoo), they said she… she… (boohoo)… BR, they told me she only has ten years!!… to live!!!

    That blessed child… only weighed 4.50 when she was born… (boohoo) BR, the doctors said she might not make it to 5.00 by Christmas! (boohoohoohoo) Ohhh, I am sooo sad for little Bondie.

    But the doctors are hopeful… they told me they may call in a specialist, somebody named Dr. Benber N. Anke, who’d been mentored by his former associate, the world-renowned Dr. A. Lang Reenspan.

    I told them that was an odd couple of names for specialist doctors, but, what the heck’s in a name!… “Could Anke do the trick and make Bondie gain some weight,” I asked.

    They said, “Eclectic, we don’t think you fully grasp what Anke showin’ up really means.”

    “Oh, how so?” I pensively asked.

    “Well, it means we wouldn’t sweat the 5 if we were you, Eclectic”

    Ohhhhhh Bondieeeeee!!!!

  9. m3 commented on Mar 14

    gold seems to be holding up pretty well through all this, relatively speaking…

    today gold is just north of 640 in asia trading, but closed down 1% (vs. 2% for the dow, & 3% for the nikkei) @ 637 in NY yesterday.

    it’ll be interesting to see what happens when trading starts in NY.

  10. Craig commented on Mar 14

    Will you look at that?
    Silly Eclectic, counting his bondie eggs before they hatch!

    You don’t have chickens yet! They still have 9 mos. to go!

  11. number2son commented on Mar 14

    KirkH, I don’t believe there is anyone who DOESN’T wish Kudlow and Cramer were right. The problem is that in our heart of hearts, we know they are wrong.

  12. MarkM commented on Mar 14


    Too funny. But the name Bondie made me think of the final scene from “The Good,the Bad and the Ugly”, the one where Eli Wallach is standing on top of the makeshift grave marker with his hands tied behind his back as Clint Eastwood rides off. You see how my mind works!

    “Bondie? Bondie? BONDIE? BONDIE, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE?” (Strike up the theme song)

  13. MarkTX commented on Mar 14

    Told you so!!!!

    Flip a switch and boom +200 dow

    now wasn’t that easy…

  14. Eclectic commented on Mar 14


    U R a funny savage. Only, you choked at the end. I’ll finish the job for you.

    [Tuco, drinking wine and suckin’ down a plate of food served by Angel Eyes]:

    Angel Eyes: “Say, Tuco?… like a little music to go along with your meal?”

    Tuco: “Why, yes (ha ha ha)… music… yes, music… it’s good for the di-ges-tion.”

    See sample:

    1. IL Buono, IL Cattivo, IL Brutto

    Tell me MarkM, and you too, Craig, do either of you “eggs-actly” hear in the music the following phrase?:

    “Don’t… No, Don’t -Don’t -Walk -to -Waco.”

    To me there are a lot of poignant moments in that movie, mostly highlighted with that spectacular music.

    My favorite is when Tuco’s brother, the priest, insults Tuco… whereupon Tuco clocks him… then reaches to gently pick him up, and then finally rejects him as he’s leaving through the hole in the wall.

    As he’s getting on the wagon, he believes Blondie hasn’t noticed his brother rejecting him, and plays up his brother’s love and hospitality attempting to impress Blondie. But, Blondie’s seen the rejection, acts like it didn’t happen, and gives Tuco a smoke for “after his big meal.”

    The drama of those two consecutive scenes alone is like a mini-movie.

    But, you know, Craig, you might just be almost right. Fisher is about overdue to saddle up and ride over to some square dance and picnic… and chant the do-sa-dos, or even for a timely CNBC Roustabout appearance, the kind he does so well:

    But still, I don’t think Dr. Benber N. Anke likes to chant the do-sa-dos like Fisher does, and so I don’t think we have to worry too much about wakin’ up Bondie.

    Bondie!… Bondie!, BONDIE!!… You know what you arrrreeee, Bondie??? You’rrreee a lllowwww doowwwnnn dirrrtttyyyy rrraaaatttteeee is whhaatt yooouuuu aarrrrrrrrrre! [key up: IL Buono, IL Cattivo, IL Brutto]

    Now, that’s a production, MarkM… that’s the way it’s done.

  15. Eclectic commented on Mar 15

    Beware the Ides of March:

    (one day on the way to the Senate):

    Caesar: “Brute, what say let’s do lunch after the mornin’ session?”

    Brute: “Sounds good! Uh, and, Ceez, how ’bout let’s go down to this Cajun place… there’s a new Cajun place that’s real good… over in the village, you know… down by, uh, it’s down on Colliseum Blvd.”

    Caesar: “Oh yeah?… Well, you know… I’ve heard about that place now that you mention it. Really!… say?… it’s a good place?… and food good? You been there yet?”

    Brute: “Yep… couple times and it’s very good. But today I wanna try their Etoufee… I’m told they’ve got the best Etoufee in the Empire.”

    Caesar: “Et-oufee Brute?”

  16. MarkM commented on Mar 15


    The score from that movie is absolutely outstanding. I have probably watched that flick twenty times or more.

    Love the scene with Angel Eyes and Tuco! Thanks for reminding me. Very haunting music being played the camp band while the beating goes on.

  17. Eclectic commented on Mar 15


    How about the early scene with the kid riding the burro-powered water wheel. Angel Eyes slowly enters the foreground, on the black horse, parade-stepping across the field of view.

    We hear the ominous guitar strings begin to pick a forlorn herald out of a crystal sky. Later in the movie that theme is duplicated in the interplay of a trumpet solo against bugle calls.

    New subject:


    Notice the hard-on Bondie got immediately after PPI.

    But, it jiss don’t look to me like ole Bondie took enough Vi-ag-ra, cause the stock market ‘cided that Dr. Anke might not show up after all.

    And then the hard-on sort of… well, to be blunt… sorta petered out, if you catch my drift.

    And old Bondie mussa figgered like iffin that stocks didn’t like at-arre news, that they wuz shorely sumpin’ about it that old Bondie ort to.

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