Sold to You!

This comes up every now and then.

I was going to hold out for a cool half a mil, but what the hell.

Be sure to include the second "T" when you make out the check.
The spelling is Rit – hol – "T" – Z" . . .

My blog is worth $478,165.38.
How much is your blog worth?

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  1. Nova Law commented on Apr 19

    Barry, you’d better hide that before Mrs. Ritholtz sees it and adjusts her spending accordingly. ;-)

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 19

    She knows the difference between real money and inflated non-liquid assets . . .

  3. Nova Law commented on Apr 19


    You mean she tools around town with a purse full of Krugerrands?

  4. squik commented on Apr 19

    Mankiw beat you by $268,701.04…. maybe there is something to free trade libertarianism… maybe its all the little wannabe bully boys who are rabid fans.

  5. phil commented on Apr 19


    Buy the Misses some gold. She’ll be happy. Then buy foreign currency with the rest. You’ll be happy.


  6. theroxylandr commented on Apr 19

    My blog is only $2,800. But it’s not for sale :-)

    You deserved it.

  7. Neal commented on Apr 19

    Darn, no wonder why my check for $500,000.00 was returned-the mail carrier said there was no one named Cary Ritholz.

  8. wnsrfr commented on Apr 19

    There are plenty of people that buy small engineering and consulting companies…they just don’t get the saying, “every night all the assets walk out the door…”.

    Maybe the same sort would buy your Blog :)

  9. BCS commented on Apr 19

    What is that, Zillow for Blogs? I smell a new bubble.

    Maybe you can take out a BELOC and do those additions and upgrades you always wanted. Get us some granite counter tops in here. It’s all equity, right?

  10. Jim Bergsten commented on Apr 19

    “My” blog clocks in at $0.00.

    But, I didn’t need software to tell me that.

  11. scowman commented on Apr 20

    Funny thing is, the blog that calculates the value is worth, get this:


    Yeah right.

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