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  1. babygal commented on Apr 26

    Ha ha -My husband made a point of showing me this carton this morning.

  2. John commented on Apr 26

    Ha ha ha ha…

  3. anon for this commented on Apr 26

    As the person who ghostwrites for the company CEO, I found that oh too true.

  4. cm commented on Apr 26

    Doug Adams appears to be going through one of those phases where almost each of his strips is spot on with a current corporate issue. But then perhaps that’s just a perception, as human affairs in business tend to go along the same few core themes over time, and only change their external appearances according to the zeitgeist.

  5. JuanBobsDad commented on Apr 27

    Hey, CM, this is Scott Adams. Scott is indeed a very perceptive and funny guy. Doug Adams was a Brittish chap who wrote the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which offers the most sage advice, DON’T PANIC! Douglas also disclosed that the secret to flying is to throw onesself at the ground and miss – a truth that Steven Hawking, who sits in Isaac Newton’s chair, just got to experience.
    Now, where’s my towel?

  6. Sandra commented on May 14

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