Broken Fiber Line

Aaccck!  No internet access since midnight last night — Cablevision claims a broken Fiber Optic line.

I need to catch up on what happened while I was blinded — A few posts in the queue should start showing up shortly . . .

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  1. Dimitre Chtilianov commented on May 11

    Lesson learned- thats why I keep a lousy
    $15/mo DSL as a backup. Internet is so vital nowadays- one day without internet and I
    lose much more money than the DSL costs me for a year…

  2. Dimitre Chtilianov commented on May 11

    Hey Barry, I think there is a misconfig on your blog. When I tried to post without email addr, it pops an error “An error occurred…
    Name and email address are required.”. Further below, there is the field for email, with label “Email Address: (Not displayed with comment).”. OK, so I provided. But what a surprise- the eMail DOES show with the comment! The reason thats important is, you dont want to turn your readers away by publishing their emails for harvesting by spammers bots, do you…

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