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I am gearing up for the post-Soprano, post Entourage summer months. One of the items that will be filling the HBO void is Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show.

I know that some people were disappointed that the entire show isn’t on DVD. But of the television shows I have on disc (Seinfeld, Coupling, etc.) I never watch the full run of episodes (I just don’t have time). And, I find the extra material is what makes the sets so much fun. The outtakes from Seindfeld alone are worth the price of admission.

This came in the mail last week, and I cannot wait to watch it.

Even if it rains all Memorial Day weekend, at least I know what I will be doing . . .

Click for video

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  1. Kevin commented on May 23

    May I suggest Rescue Me as a summer fill in? It’s on FX and the new season starts on the 13th (I think).

    NYC Firefighter is a raging alcoholic, sees dead people (9/11 survivor guilt), loves to fight, but is really good at his job. Good writing and acting, but if you don’t like Dennis Leary you’ll probably hate it.

  2. Jdesmond commented on May 23

    Rescue Me is awesome, must see T.V.

  3. matt commented on May 24

    the next season of entourage starts a week or two after this one ends. june 17 i believe.

  4. John F. commented on May 24

    Two words: Nip/Tuck (now in LA)

  5. David commented on May 24

    Ya gotta love Rip as Artie, the late night show producer. Great role.

  6. Coruscation commented on May 24

    May I recommend _Hurlyburly_ to all Larry Sanders fans ?

    The cast included Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Chazz Palminteri, Robin Wright Penn, Garry Shandling, Anna Paquin, and Meg Ryan.

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