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A few months ago, I did several extensive interviews with the AP on Financial blogging. Eventually, I ended up in their West side offices to shoot some video.

The end result was this AP column. Not only is the review of The Big Picture obscenely nice — AP called it "the base camp for new explorers of investing blogs" — but the reporter also mentioned almost all of the many sites I referred to.

Here’s an excerpt:

"A colorful coterie of day traders, money managers and economists — even one
from the Federal Reserve — are forming the core of a rapidly growing corner of
the blogosphere: the markets and investing blog.

These amateur authors slice through the buzz and dig through the complexities
of the trading day in an entertaining style. Importantly, they often have years
of direct experience and know what it’s like to have money in the game.

Unlike some other parts of the blogosphere, there’s an authenticity to the
discussion. These are Wall Street’s own insiders — the celebrity-blog
equivalent of movie stars blogging about each other.

Spend a week with a few of these authors, and you could come away feeling
more in control of your investments. You might even start to challenge the pack
mentality that tends to take hold of mainstream market commentary."

The full article is well worth the read.

Sites covered:


I’m glad to have participated in this blog article . . .


Augur, blogger
Dan Sorid
AP, Friday, 15 June, 2007, 16:27 EDT

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  1. Pool Shark commented on Jun 18

    “Spend a week with a few of these authors, and you could come away feeling more in control of your investments.”

    Substitute “quarter” for “week” in the above quote, and that perfectly explains my experience.

    Thanks for the input Barry; it’s nice to get some genuine insight you just don’t see in the main stream financial press.

  2. David commented on Jun 18

    You know Barry, there’s a pretty obvious reason why you are getting “obscenely nice” reviews from the media …


    One Obscenely Nice Reviewer

  3. Yen Diep commented on Jun 19

    Great post. I totatlly agree that there is inflation. Almost everything I bought have gone up more 2% from movie tickets to toothbrush. How can CPI .6 vs. .1 core CPI, which means we have a 600% increase over core CPI ex-energy and food. Does this mean that food and energy have increased several hundred percent in this short time? I don’t think so. I also look up how gov’t calculate PPI, and one thing that I have noticed is that the data supplied are voluntary and usually based on indexes. Does this mean the gov’t is using a number similiar to RBOB trading around 2.23 vs. the national average of over $3/gallon that we have to pay?

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