Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (6/12/07)


Its the regular appearance on Kudlow tonite: We will be covering the recent pressure on equities, and I expect we will spend time looking at Treasury Yields — the 10 year closed at 5.248%. Kinda makes you wonder if that was a false breakout on the SPX

On board tonight is my old pal Herb Greenberg (Marketwatch), as well as good guy Dennis Kneale (Forbes), and Joseph Keating of First American Asset Mgmt.

Should be interesting, given today’s action.

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  1. Neal commented on Jun 12

    What a collapse after the usual 2pm uptick!!!

  2. babygal commented on Jun 12

    Bravo on your rejection of Paris fluff!

  3. Eclectic commented on Jun 12

    Don’t mistake what I say… I know I’m livin’ on the edge, Barringo… but you know what 5.248 is?…. Well, it ain’t 5.25000, you s-w-e-e-t savage you!

    Too, all you sum’bitches that have been preachin’ the death of Bondie, you’re fixin’ to have it stuck up your motor truckin’ butts.

  4. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Jun 12

    Damn!! I missed it, but I caught Kudlow cheering on the possibility of bombing Iran. If that happens, can we send Kudlow to the Hague for complicity in the murder of thousands of Americans?

  5. Chief Tomahawk commented on Jun 12

    Watch out, BR. I think Larry’s got you pegged as his Paris Hilton expert. Good luck getting out of that…

    (I’m kidding)

    Anyways, I read sometime ago you’re eyeing a top-of-the-line plasma TV. Just thought I’d offer for the same price you could get two or three Vizios (respectable quality)from CostCo and a little one to mount on a swing stand for viewing while on the pot. Though I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a habit of talking back to the TV. I think Mrs. BP might not be able to take the talk-back-to-the-TV dialogue coming from the previous quiet refuge of the bathroom…

  6. VJ commented on Jun 12

    Michael Mandel – Chief Economist BusinessWeek:

    By my calculations, economic growth in recent years has been lower than the numbers show, maybe a lot lower.

    (Doncha just love it when that little light goes on above their head ?)

  7. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jun 12

    Repeat after me: Pioneer Elite…
    (hmmmm delightfulargghj)

  8. KirkH commented on Jun 12

    I was just waiting for someone’s eyes to start rolling when he was talking about how falling bombs lead to rising stocks.

    The first 20 minutes could be summarized:
    Bombing Iran = higher stocks
    Paris Hilton = somehow related to finance?

  9. Winston Munn commented on Jun 12

    Shows how twisted and perverted this society has become when the concern about war is its effect on stock prices.

    Kids, can you say Roman Empire?

  10. Si commented on Jun 12

    Glad I missed it.
    Winston, yeah these really are demon days we are living in.

  11. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Jun 12

    I don’t get it. Kudlow stated that war fears drove down the market today. Is he just willfully disregarding interest rates?

  12. Winston Munn commented on Jun 12

    Joe Klein’s conscience:

    Can’t say about Kudlow as I don’t watch that show – not that I would’t like to see Barry, but I simply watch little T.V.

  13. V L commented on Jun 12

    “Kids, can you say Roman Empire?”


    There were two major factors contributing to the collapse of the Roman Empire. (Dumb decisions made by the emperors resulting in institutional and financial weakness, and the barbarian invasions). Currently, we have both in America.

    1. There were two dumb emperors one after another; Diocletian (284-305) and Constantine I (305-337) sowed the seeds of the collapse. (We have Bush now, all we need is the second idiot to follow — Hilary will qualify). These emperors split the army into border and mobile components; as a result they lost control over the borders and could not keep the barbarians beyond the borders of the Empire (similar to what we have nowadays — no control over the borders)

    2. Invasion and settlement of barbarian tribes all over the western Empire. After the barbarians, Vandals, Alans and Suevi crossed the Rhine in 406 and went on to settle all over the western Empire. As a result, there were fewer of the wealthy provinces. This in turn decreased the taxes collected. (Similar to what we are experiencing with non-tax-paying but using social services illegal immigration from Mexico)

    I agree there are many similarities.

  14. Ottnott commented on Jun 13

    Cool. A hysteria lesson.

  15. Bluzer commented on Jun 13

    VL –

    One big difference – we the dumbass people selected our braindead leaders who lost control of our borders. The Romans had no such choice and were, thus, not complicit.

  16. brion commented on Jun 13

    Bluzer-“The” People are always complicit. Usually collectively in the larger cultural sense.
    People really do get the Government’s they deserve and that’s ALWAYS been the case.

    VL-When Mexicans bail on Mexico by the millions they are fleeing essentially one thing…
    Other Mexicans.

    Curious thing is, when they show up here they bring their “Mexican Latino Pride” with them…
    Can someone please explain THAT one to me?
    A Day Without an illegal Mexican laborer? How ’bout a frickin year?
    Or a decade perhaps (like the 50’s)?
    I wonder how we’d be able to get along without our “essential” new illegal friends in a post imperial America?

  17. okaycuckoo commented on Jun 13

    The fall of the Spanish empire is more apposite – all that Potosi silver flooding the domestic market, and an overstretched military putting out fires across the world. And today’s bloggers are like the Arbitristas – always trying to diagnose the problem and put forward solutions. None of it helped.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  18. mhm commented on Jun 13

    Winston, regarding “…how twisted and perverted this society has become when the concern about war is its effect on stock prices.”

    War has always been and will forever be about economic returns. That is the hard reality and excludes any personal drama.

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