More Dow Jones Content Comes Out from the Firewall

WSJ and Barron’s have both introduced a slew of new content that is free (or temporarily free):

The WSJ home page is now divided into Subscribers: Personal Tech, Question of the Day, Deals & Deal Makers, Personal Finance and a variety of other content are behind out the sub-only firewall:


Same too for Barrons: Now free on the site are: Eric Savitz’ TECH TRADER DAILY BLOG; Randall W. Forsyth’s UP AND DOWN WALL STREET DAILY; Steven Sears’ THE STRIKING PRICE DAILY; and Michael Kahn’s GETTING TECHNICAL



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  1. Kp commented on Jul 6

    Get it before it’s Murdoch’ed!

  2. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Jul 6

    OT: A little odd.. Bonds and dollar both taking a hit today… Could be we’ll be seeing more of this…. I wonder what Henry and Ben must be thinking…. Something appears to be unraveling. However one day does a trend not make…. This is the kind of action I’ve been looking for, the market is speaking. What language?, I’m not quite sure yet. If the stuff hits the fan now, it’s going to be difficult to contain….

    Any thoughts,


  3. babygal commented on Jul 6

    I hope Rupey gives us more free stuff-he can afford it.

  4. Catalyst Investor commented on Jul 6

    Maybe Rupert will “fix” the Barrons problem of being a paid print subscriber, but not getting the exact same online content for free.

  5. DavidB commented on Jul 7

    I wonder what their site traffic is like? I’ll bet it’s lower than yours. I think all this stuff will be free eventually with sites making up the difference in ads. That information horse continues to push against the fence and the fence is getting weaker by the day. One day that horse will be completely free to roam where it wants and sites will be begging for us to come in. That is opposed to now where in many cases we still have to beg to get in.

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