Casio Exilim EX-Z75 7.2MP Digital Camera

I don’t endorse products, but I am compelled to point out what I think is a very good camera at a terrific price: The Casio Exilim EX-Z75 7.2MP Digital Camera is now at Amazon for $169.

I cannot believe how inexpensive digital cameras have become.

I have the 5 mega-pixel EX-Z50 — purchased it almost two years ago at closer to $300 bucks. At the time, it was a good price for a good camera.  However, it does not have many of the features of the EX-Z75.

These new models blow it away at nearly half the price. Its available in Blue, Black and classic Silver. (I can’t figure out why the ugly pink is so much more). 

The next step up is the 10 megapixel Casio Exilim EX-Z1050 — but I cannot see what justifies the 33% premium over the 7.2MG models.

Even more astounding, the 1 GB cards are now under $15 (See this:  SanDisk SDSDB-1024-A10 1 GB Secure Digital Card). I think I paid $49 for a half GB card "way back" then.

I may end up buying a 2nd one as a just-in-case-camera. If it breaks or gets lost, its not a $500 hit.



Main Features

Stylish, slim, compact model featuring 7.2 million effective pixels and 3x optical zoom.
Generous new 2.6-inch wide LCD display (14:9 aspect ratio).
Setting information displayed on right side of monitor to improve viewing and ease of use.
Easy Mode for simple shooting with intuitive menus.
Anti-Shake DSP for reducing photo blur due to shaky hands or moving subjects.
eBay Best Shot mode

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  1. dukeb commented on Aug 20

    Then next time you meet Rudy in the resturante, you can get a photo taken by the wait staff!

  2. Kp commented on Aug 20

    Canon > Casio FTW

  3. Pool Shark commented on Aug 20

    This just proves the true economic horror that awaits us is…


  4. BCS commented on Aug 20

    I agree with the Canon comment. I also let CNET guide just about all my digital purchases, an excellent resource.

    As is oft stated by Todd Harrison, deflation in things we want, inflation in things we need (ex-housing).

  5. J.W. Newton commented on Aug 20

    fwiw – canon and other major vendors are announcing new products this week. canon just announced several new very nice cameras. nikon is rumored to follow later in the week – hence the falling prices. check out for more info if you really want to geek out.

  6. Steve commented on Aug 20

    Just purchased on Butterfly Photo – $161 w/free shipping!

  7. wally commented on Aug 20

    “Sound if somewhat coldly calculating business move!”

    Flown anywhere lately? Ane exit row seat now costs more money than a regular seat… just because.

  8. Eclectic commented on Aug 20

    Pretty sure that’s what my daughter just got… saw it last weekend… it’s almost jewel-like in the silver.

  9. chris commented on Aug 20

    Prices in the 35mm versions are crashing also. I just bought a Pentax K100D D-SLR with 15-55 zoom lens for $400 after rebates. A friend just bought a highly rated 58″ plasma tv for $2500 delivered and setup. Dunno how anyone is making money sellign this stuff but it’s a great time to be a gadget freak.

  10. Max Menon commented on Aug 20

    Its amazing how the digital camera manufacturers have managed to pitch the same CCD chip as an enhancement by cramming in more and more pixels. A good analogy, it someone trying to increase the marketability of their 1000ft house by adding more partitions to convert the 2 bedroom property to a 4 bedroom one … without pointing out all the compromises.

  11. Click Broker commented on Aug 20

    I got the same camera at CC for $175 less a $40 coupon, total cost $135 (in store). The coupon was in a new to the city promotion. I could only get the red color in store. I like it, but you can’t set the F-stop, only the ISO. The LCD is hard to see in bright light. TGT has a Case Logic brand digital camera case that perfectly fits the camera for $3.99.

  12. wnsrfr commented on Aug 20

    I was in a Target with my kids buying batteries and other crap and browsed the digital cameras…the feature/price ratio is definitely incredible.

    Personally, though, I prefer a higher optical zoom, more towards 8x, you can frame your picture better and not rely on high bits and cropping later…I take a lot of landscapes, and even people pictures can benefit from the right perspective that sometimes needs better than 3x…

  13. Flega commented on Aug 20

    Deflation, it is everywhere. Don’t ya get it???

  14. mp commented on Aug 20

    “…deflation in things we want, inflation in things we need (ex-housing).”

    Gee, what a coincidence.

  15. Martin commented on Aug 21

    I am a bit disappointed with this direction of mentioning cameras and wish you would stay closer to the subjects at hand…otherwise, love the site. MM

  16. KP commented on Aug 21

    I agree with Martin, this display of humanity…from a human…no less…is inexcusable.

  17. TRich commented on Aug 21

    It’s good to have a point and shoot handy and from what I’ve seen Canon is the best in this regard.

    But IMO, it’s a great time to buy an entry-level digital SLR. Not only because of price, but because they are very user friendly, you can learn how to use an SLR, and take pictures that are a definite step-up from point and shoot. Given the fact that the lenses for an SLR are the longer term investment than the camera body itself, I would have a tough time recommending anything other than a Nikon or Canon. Nikon currently has the largest market share in Japan with SLRs, but I would bet Canon still has the overall worldwide lead- but not by much.

    The main reason for Nikon eating into Canon’s market share (and leading in some markets) is because Nikon has a number of entry-level SLRs that are combined with fairly decent “kit” lenses that Canon just hasn’t matched. Canon’s entry level digital Rebel XTi is the highest selling SLR overall, but Nikon’s D40, D40x, and D80 all combine to sell many more bodies than the Rebel XTi. Nikon is also doing quite well in the mid-level prosumer market with the D200. Canon though still dominates the really high end market, though Nikon is rumored to be coming out with a new high-end digital SLR (the D3).

  18. Tlazolteotl commented on Aug 21

    I got the 7.2 megapixel EX-Z120 model not quite a year ago, second-hand. Also a very nice camera.

  19. Jeff D commented on Aug 26

    I think 10MP pocket cams are a complete waste. All they are doing is jamming more pixels on to the same sized chip, creating more noise in the image. I have a 6mp Canon A540 and I don’t see myself buying anything with more megapixels.

    Unless you’re printing posters, it is a waste to buy more than that.

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