Giuliani’s Daughter for Obama . . .

Most of us New Yorkers don’t care very much for Rudy. It turns out that his daughter, a frosh at Harvard, feels pretty much the same way, according to Slate.

I don’t do politics much, but I find this terribly, terribly amusing:

"There’s one vote that Rudy Giuliani definitely can’t count on in his 2008
presidential bid: his own daughter’s. According to the 17-year-old Caroline
Giuliani’s Facebook profile, she’s supporting Barack Obama.

On her profile, she designates her political views as "liberal" and—until
this morning—proclaimed her membership in the Facebook group "Barack Obama (One
Million Strong for Barack)." According to her profile, she withdrew from the
Obama group at 6 a.m. Monday, after Slate sent her an
inquiry about it."

Too funny!


I may have to add Schadenfreude as a category!


Daddy Dearest
Rudy Giuliani’s daughter is supporting Barack Obama.
By Lucy Morrow Caldwell
Slate, Monday, Aug. 6, 2007, at 11:49 AM ET

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  1. Frank C. commented on Aug 6

    Having Rudy Giuliani as President will work out about as well as having some disgraced hardware store hack-CEO take over a car company……wait a second…uh….

    Say goodbye to Chrysler. Sigh. Only when GM got a car guy back in charge did they get their act straight.

  2. Guy commented on Aug 6

    I think the cousin!

  3. DILBERT DOGBERT commented on Aug 6

    Damn! doesn’t she know he will make the trains run on time!!! Ungrateful wench.

  4. druce commented on Aug 6

    Not only is Rudy a megalomaniac, he’s also a [shudder] supply-side free-luncher!

    Gotta love it… a pro-abortion, pro gun-control candidate whose family life makes the Clintons look like the Cleavers.

  5. spongetoddsquarepants commented on Aug 6

    I will always remember Rudy for the Seinfeld epsiode where his cholesterol test results were tainted by Kramer’s rendezvous with a lab assistant.

  6. jake commented on Aug 6

    none of rudy’s kids are for him..that has to tell you something.

  7. lloyd commented on Aug 6

    I don’t plan no voting for Rudy for President and his private life all over the place but as one who lives in NYC, I think he did a great job as mayor. yeah, he’s an egomaniac but you have to be that way to turn this city around or just to run it (see Bloomberg). Unlike Hillary, at least he’s actually accomplished things politically.

  8. KP commented on Aug 6

    So the plant is screwed up, but the seeds aren’t?

    This just screams stay away from all of the above!

  9. VJ commented on Aug 6


    Unlike Hillary, at least he’s actually accomplished things politically.

    Not from what I’ve read.

  10. wunsacon commented on Aug 6

    >> yeah, he’s an egomaniac but you have to be that way to turn this city around

    lloyd, I used to believe that. But, please thumb through Freakonomics while you’re in your local bookstore.

    Rudy is a bright guy and no doubt would have been far better at running this country than … (Well…why even compare?? It’d be an insult to Rudy.) But, he does not deserve as much credit as he gets for “turning the city around”.

  11. Frank C. commented on Aug 6

    I lived in NYC during Rudy’s reign. His accomplishments on crime were due to a) bill bratton and b) dinkins’ tax hike that paid for a substantial boost in police numbers.

    His other”accomplishments” (cleaner streets, etc.) were entirely due to higher tax revenues made possible by the national economic rebound. When your city coffers are full, you can run services. Simple as that. He was very lucky.

    His two real accomplishment was increasing the number of taxi medallions and merging the police and transit forces. Yeah, I want him running the country based on that.

  12. muckdog commented on Aug 6

    She’s in college. You know the saying: “If you’re under 30 and conservative, you don’t have a heart. If you’re over 30 and a liberal, you don’t have a brain.”

    All joking aside, seems like the kids of politicians are they’re own beings. They make their own decisions. As it should be.

    Obama isn’t going to beat Hillary.

    It’ll be Hillary vs. Rudy in November 2008, and it’ll be interesting to see where folks line up.

  13. Eclectic commented on Aug 6

    Who gives a flyin’ f about Giuliana’s… uh… Gulli…Gueilie… oh, fuck, you know what I mean. Who gives a shit about his daughter?

    The situation with his daughter has less to do with politics and probably more to do with interpersonal relationships than anything else.

    Lay off the girl. She’s probably hurting… leave her the fuck alone.

  14. Groty commented on Aug 6

    I’d say there’s a pretty decent chance Patti Davis didn’t vote for her father either.

  15. Eclectic commented on Aug 6

    Right Groty, and probably not Ron either, although he gave the most insightful, respectful and beautiful eulogy for his father as any I’ve seen since Ted Kennedy’s eulogy of his brother Robert.

    Ron’s remarks, to my mind, were somewhat of the eqivalent of Eisenhower’s departing remarks as President of the United States.

  16. VJ commented on Aug 6


    I lived in NYC during Rudy’s reign. His accomplishments on crime were due to a) bill bratton and b) dinkins’ tax hike that paid for a substantial boost in police numbers.

    Nationally, crime dropped EVERY YEAR from 1993 through 2000.

    Giuliani just happened to be Mayor during that period.

  17. slick commented on Aug 6

    Congratulations on posting the most idiotic unimportant thing I’ve read in a long, long time. Oh well – at least it revealed your bias. Thanks for that.

    By all means…let’s pay attention to teenaged spoiled brat NYC liberal kids to help us decide who to vote for POTUS. Brilliant.

    I don’t find it funny at all. I find it pathetic. It’s a comment on society far more than it is on Rudy. Or did you think his kids are the only ones who don’t like their mother/father?

    And btw, I don’t like Rudy either. But this is the kind of story that is typical of our imbecilic society. Hey – maybe she’ll do an HBO special with Paris? Wahoo! :(

  18. Bugs Meany commented on Aug 6

    I think Rudy should be more concerned that his daughter is looking for “random play” and “whatever she can get.”

  19. Norman commented on Aug 6

    She probably went to NYC schools so what do you expect? And BR, “Most of us New Yorkers don’t care very much for Rudy.” Where did you pull that out from?

  20. seamus commented on Aug 6

    Slick, this is important. If Rudy’s family can’t be bothered to support him for president, what does that say about the man’s character.

    So Barry thinks it’s funny that Rudy’s liberal daughter opposes her pro-choice, pro-gay daddy for president. What “bias” has he revealed?


    BR: I previously stated my bias: Like most NewYorkers, I think Rudy is an asshole.

  21. Eclectic commented on Aug 6


    The word is: abandonment. It trumps all your words.

  22. jds commented on Aug 6

    Abandonment followed by humiliation for herself, her brother and her mother.

    Supporting this sad sack of a father and mayor for president would be the surprise, not the other way around.

    All you need to know about Rudy is that his faulty decisions post 1993 WTC attack and his lack of support for his fire and policemen’s communications reveals his Bush like indifference and incompetence and Bernard Kerik cronyism.

    The fact that this totally unqualified, incompetent, morally bankrupt person has any support at all reveals more about the rot in the Republican party than anything else.

  23. MTHood commented on Aug 6

    Just thinking out loud . . .

    Chelsea is going to vote for McCain . . .

    Response would be?

    Restained and polite, I’m certain.

  24. Idaho_Spud commented on Aug 6

    We may never know the truth, but Chelsea may very well be encouraged to go her own way, make her own decisions, and voice her views… unlike a certain Caroline. We can be *certain* about that… ;)

    Perhaps this nuance divides the two parties’ philosophical views more deeply than most have considered: A willingness (or lack of) to tolerate and respond to dissent/facts/people as opposed to silencing/attacking/destroying them.

    One thing for certain: Not even the Chinese gov’t acts as quickly as these guys in suppressing damaging PR.

  25. Ben commented on Aug 6

    Ditto on Ron’s eulogy. I don’t think I could forget that speech even if I came down with his ol’ man’s alzheimer’s.

  26. John F. commented on Aug 6

    Don’t let this happen to you! Have only one kid, and let the law of averages work in your favor.

  27. Bluzer commented on Aug 7

    The fundamental divide between the parties is social. The major non-negotiable points of division are abortion, gun control and gay marriage. On these issues Rudy is, like Bloomberg and most New Yorkers, a liberal even a Democrat. So what’s surprising here is not that Rudy’s kids won’t vote for him – a lot of kids, I suspect, wouldn’t vote for their parents – but that most conservatives would. Go figure.

  28. Karl Smith commented on Aug 7

    I like how they blocked her last name, friend’s name and birthday but left clean the fact that she looking for random play.

  29. JBJB commented on Aug 7

    “Most of us New Yorkers don’t care very much for Rudy.”

    Perhaps an over-genralization? Speak for yourself.

    The fact remains that NYC was Detroit w/ tall buildings before Rudy, now it’s a nanny state limosine liberal utopia. Which is the way libs like Barry prefer it, he just doesn’t want to admit how we got here.

    BR: Love the ad hominem attack — very revealing as to where your headspace is.

    As to Rudy, we had a national boom that ran from the early 1980s through 2000. Rudy was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

    But the majority of NYers didn’t like him by the time he left office: Even his terror chief:

    NYC’s Terror Chief: Rudolph Giuliani would be ‘terrible’ president

    His approval rating had plummeted by the time he left office; Down overall — his approval rating was in the dismal 30th percentile, and among blacks, it had fallen to 7 percent by April 2000, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.

  30. Norman commented on Aug 7

    Barry is a bad boy. He called Giuliani an “asshole”. Maybe he should be blocked from having his emails published.

  31. Barry Ritholtz commented on Aug 7

    Remember, the law recognizes Truth as a legitimate defense against slander and libel . . .

  32. Norman commented on Aug 7


    Its not “Truth” nor “slander or libel” but good manners that I am questioning and which you have called for in postings.

  33. JBJB commented on Aug 7

    Rudy assisted in making the streets safe so white slobs like Barry can walk around with some sense of safety. Now Barry and his limo lib buddies can sit around cocktail parites and whine that Rudy is an asshole for sticking his finger in eye the NYC establishment – especailly the unionists, the race hustlers, and the poverty pimps. They all got smacked down a few notches and NYC flourished as a result. That’s why Rudy is great, he makes all the right enemies, like Big Barry here.


    BR: My guess is you are 16, and live in Michigan. (How close did I come?)

  34. slick commented on Aug 7




    About as important to me as what Cramer thinks. Actually, less.

    Sorry, but I just think it’s so dumb.

    I don’t look to a man’s teenaged children for “proof of character”. Especially not celeb (and divorced) kids. Divorced kids usually choose sides. I was recently divorced (after 20 years of marriage) and my kids all chose to live with me and speak very poorly of my ex. And most friends/family think “ah…she must have done soemthign wrong…”. It’s all BS. Guess what? While she’s far from perfect, and Lord knows I’ve had my issues with her, I am still the one who defends her. It’s never so black and white, and listening to my kids (same app. ages as Rudy’s) as to their opinions on my character versus their mother’s, is just silly. The truth is that neither one of us is a saint.

    You don’t like Rudy? Fine – don’t vote for him. Honestly – I can’t stand the guy either. Megalomaniac. But it would be far better to criticize him for what he has said or done, than to be getting off on the fact that his daughter doesn’t like or support him. I think it’s a poor reflection on anyone who is GLEEFUL that a man’s daughter has a lousy relationship with her old man. And it could just as easily be the daughter’s fault and/or sympathy for the ex-wife as it is Rudy’s fault.

    Last point: While I pride myself on being a terrific father, I’m not so sure that the qualities required for being a great father are the same as those rqeuired for being a good POTUS. Need I point out the obvious example? (Bush’s daughters and wife love him very much). heheh. Game, set, match. :)

  35. Mark Basich commented on Aug 7

    Slick said it best.

    I’d go further and call Barry’s comments either evil, or 7th grade girlish. I’m not sure which. Slick will think that goes too far.

  36. Mark Basich commented on Aug 7

    What kind of twisted hate finds the estrangement of father and daughter amusing?

  37. Dervin commented on Aug 8

    Stop, Rudy is an asshole, this is a well documented fact. If you live in NYC, you remember the story of the guy shot by undercover police? The innocent guy, who was minding his own business, when cops approached him to buy some weed?
    What did Rudy do when this story hit the press?
    He released the guy’s juvie record, and said “He’s no choirboy.” Rudy broke the law to throw mud on a innocent shooting victim.

    If Giuliani’s not an Asshole, then nobody is.

    Now, that being said, just because somebody is an Asshole doesn’t mean he would be a bad president. As mayor he had a lot of things break in his favor, he over-reached at times, he played fast and loose with the finances as well as the women, he attacked cabbies and street vendors, he screwed over cops and firemen. But overall, things got better under his watch, and you have to give him credit for that.

    Unfortunate for Giuliani, Bloomberg followed him and is turning out to be a better Mayor under more difficult circumstances.

    Giuliani should have followed the lead of Ed Rendell and put somebody incompetent in his place like John Street.

  38. JBJB commented on Aug 8


    I would be curious to hear your thoughts on why you believe Bloomberg to be a better mayor. By which metric is Bloombberg better other than big governemnt nannyism? And I really don’t get how Bloomberg is operating under more difficult circumstances. Bloomberg has it so easy that he spends his time looking for things to ban from trans fats toaluminum baseball bats, and meddling in the affairs of legal gun shops in Virgina.

    I will concede that the seems to have wrestled some control of the education system away from the unionists but it doesn’t seem that this will do much for the pathetic education system in NYC.

    He essentially inherited(bought) a gold mine, a city united after 9-11 followed by 6 years of financial boom. All he had to do was not fuck it up. By this metric, I guess he has succeded.

  39. Barry Ritholtz commented on Aug 11

    Here’s an article thats dead on topic:

    What New Yorkers know about Rudy Giuliani that Everyone Else Should

    When Rudolph Giuliani awoke on the morning of September 11, 2001, his political career was in the toilet. Nearing the end of his second term as mayor of New York City, a tenure marred by conflict and personal scandal, his approval rating was in the dismal 30th percentile, and he was term-limited from running again. He dropped out of a 2000 Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Besides, no New York City mayor had gone on to higher office since 1868. Newsweek referred to pre-9/11 Rudy as “unpopular” and “irrelevant.”

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