Raging Bull

THIS is frickin’ hysterical!

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Raging Bull
MV, August 15, 2007

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  1. Jerry Reese commented on Aug 15

    I love all of MV’s videos…the Daily Show should do a deal with those guys.

  2. michael schumacher commented on Aug 15

    just another day in the life of ANY fund manager. Love the Cramer digs…


  3. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Aug 15

    In other news the FED has announced that they will not publish POMO or TOMO in order to save money. Said one FED Official, “stopping the publishing of M3 was a real money saver, and God nows we need money. Hopefully we can save at least as much money by not reporting our goings on”.

    In other news…

  4. Pool Shark commented on Aug 15

    Maybe it’s time to sell stocks and buy gold.

    Better check the DePew “Mr. ‘T’ Gold Indicator”…

  5. Richard commented on Aug 15

    It’s not ‘frickin’ hysterical’. It’s just another example of the crass stupidity of Americans, both those who create this kind of mindless junk and those who think it’s ‘hysterical.’

  6. lauteus commented on Aug 15

    I disagree Richard… what about the mindless Americans that actually accept the crap that is stuffed down their throat. The ones who find it hysterical are the ones who see past the media blitz and shouting… The most hysterical part of it is – that it is hysterical because it has a semblance of truth.

    Does that make it Hysterical^2?

  7. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Aug 15

    It’s not ‘frickin’ hysterical’. It’s just another example of the crass stupidity of Americans, both those who create this kind of mindless junk and those who think it’s ‘hysterical.’

    Posted by: Richard | Aug 15, 2007 1:50:26 PM

    Laughter is food for the soul. Better to laugh at life’s ups and downs than to cry. You have much to learn little grasshopper.

  8. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Aug 15


    get a sense of humor!

    Posted by: Barry Ritholtz | Aug 15, 2007 2:01:17 PM

    Exactly. I’m seeing the same kind of pressures building on the boards just like in 2000. It gets to be a pressure cooker for folks who are hanging on to the, “this time it’s different” mantra. It’s never different folks, and you better learn from mistakes rather than burying your heads in the sand. As to his point about Americans, we are no different than all the other folks through the ages who have jumped on manias. Does he really think the Chinese are any smarter than Americans? They have a parabolic market in the SSEC, and they bought the shit out out of MBS paper that is getting ass kicked daily not including the dollar losing one third it’s value over the last several years.

    Laugh Richard because it’s all you may have in the end.

  9. michael schumacher commented on Aug 15

    hey “dick”

    Do you live in America?
    We all have complaints about how the system works or does’nt work but lighten the hell up.

    You’ll feel better…..


  10. erik commented on Aug 15

    everyone, get in your crash positions, we are going down.

    i’ve been using (fct) as an early warning sign of market weakness for the past few years and it has completely dropped through the floor over the past month. it usually runs a few weeks early and captures similar corrections with the market. at present it is down almost 30% in the past month. it’s a good proxy and man has it been terrifying to watch. would love to hear what jeffrey saut thinks of it here since he was pitching it pretty hard a few months back. granted that’s when things were looking like rates were going up.

  11. Michael A commented on Aug 15

    Hey Richard, who peed in your Cheerios? The global risk monster?

  12. Davis Hall commented on Aug 15

    It is hysterical. Great. I Love it.
    Make sure you’re good to them, mvtv, since what they say about us later will go down in history or as Shakespeare said, “Do you hear, let them be well used, for they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time.”

  13. Richard commented on Aug 15

    At least the Chinese CEO who sold the poisonous crap to the Americans had the decency to commit suicide!

    As far as ‘humour’ is concerned, the consensus here seems to be, “Doesn’t matter how lame or crass the humour is, gotta laugh anyway… just because…” That’s just it. If you find the humour utterly colourless and retarded, you’re accused of not “lightening up” or having “much to learn little grasshopper”. Long live mediocrity!

  14. Dale commented on Aug 15

    Shakespeare also said, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” :-)

  15. michael schumacher commented on Aug 15

    whip out those redemption forms……..market going to close red and under 13k..unless we get a magical whoosh towards the close…don’t bet against it. I’m not….


  16. michael schumacher commented on Aug 15


    You have the wrong culture…….Japanese commit sepuku when honor is breached.

    Chinese just take them out and shoot them…and then call it whatever fits the bill.

    Suicide?? sure yea that works….


  17. dukeb commented on Aug 15

    This video put the absurdity of Crazy JC’s original rant in its perfect context. Cartoon characters. Love it!

  18. Davis Hall commented on Aug 15

    This is a great blog!

    The MV video approaches the playwrights abstract slant on events, they are chronicles of this time.

    PS. “Neither a borrower, nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.”

    This market has dull the edge of husbandry and if the Federal Reserve were to cut interest rates, it will “loses both itself and friend.”

    This above all: to thine own self be true.

  19. John F. commented on Aug 15

    Cramer may be nuts, but he doesn’t “know nothing.” He IS nuts to suggest an immediate rate cut (the dollar can’t handle it and it’s beside the point), but he IS close to the mark when he says he can’t get a mortgage. What we are seeing may not be Armageddon, but it’s also not an orderly repricing of risk. There are serious consequences to all this beyond whether some hedge fund manager can buy a bigger summer house. It’s all great fun until someone loses an eye.

  20. The Capitalist Resistance commented on Aug 15

    The Big Picture | Raging Bull

    Link: The Big Picture | Raging Bull. Hilarious video mocking Jim Cramer. Link courtesy of The Big Picture.

  21. ilsm commented on Aug 15


  22. Eric commented on Aug 15

    Cramer is a maniac, but he was right about one thing. Bill Poole is totally clueless about what is going on out here. I submit as evidence his statements in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg today.

    He said, “It’s premature to say that this upset in the market is changing the course of the economy in any fundamental way.” Further commenting, Poole noted, “obviously, there could be an impact, but we have to rely on some real evidence.”

    Folks, regardless of Cramer’s conflict of interests and his fake posturing of sticking up for the “little guy,” he is right about Poole. Poole is a clueless academic waiting until economic impacts are on his front door before he declares it to be a reality. It’s highly likely that we’ll be in a recession caused by the housing downturn. Furthermore, raising liquidity beyond what they have done (or, better said, should have done earlier), and then taking liquidity out once things settle down is a normal management action, combined with assertive jaw boning in front of the camera and with the CEO of major institutions. I cite, as an example, the observations of the CEO of Thornburg Mortgage. Go to the Bloomberg video section and see it. It will be there for 24 hours. He makes the case clearly.


    This isn’t about projecting Cramer’s buddies’ jobs. The bottom-line is that this credit crisis could be better contained if there was aggressive management from the top at the Fed. Bernanke is aloof, and Poole is out to lunch.

  23. Elaine Meinel Supkis commented on Aug 15

    Dear Big Picture: thank you, thank you, thank you a million howling hedge fund hounds for that very funny cartoon site! I am spreading it to my own readers and hope everyone tunes in for more episodes of Bullwinkle and the Bear.


    Regards, Elaine Supkis, Culture of Life News

  24. brian commented on Aug 15

    Poole clueless? At age 70 i kinda doubt it.
    Poole “ironic”? (as in, throwing phrases like “subprime problems appear to be contained” back into certain people’s faces)

    Funny how the dollar has been strengthening lately…
    Cramer might get his wish after all, just not until the Fed drains the tub a bit

  25. brian commented on Aug 15

    did i say tub? I meant swamp….:)

  26. slick commented on Aug 15

    lol. Great video. Tks.

  27. Groty commented on Aug 16

    Bernanke and Poole are singaling to speculators that the Greenspan Put expired.

    Welcome to a world with risk.

    All the Greenspan haters who blamed him for the tech/housing bubbles should be pleased with how this FED is responding.

  28. Quiddity commented on Aug 16

    Barry: great stuff. Loved the Fatboy Slim / Cramer mix you posted on also.

  29. Quiddity commented on Aug 16

    Best moment: When the bull pounds the table and the screen jumps!

  30. Brian McCabe commented on Aug 16

    Richard: Yeah…it’s just “stupid ass American humour.” Unlike your highly-literate, virtually Shakespearean writing. “Stupid-ass.” Hmmm…well-put, my man. “We all know Americans are the stupidest people on the planet.” Again, well-written, insightful, intelligent commentary. How do you feel about Germans? Are they “rigid?” Or Jews? “Cheap?” Blacks? “Lazy?” Irish? “Drunks?” You, my friend, are a bastion of sophistication. Just the person to be pontificating about how “stupid” others are. Your wife must be a very happy woman. Now go drink yourself to sleep, you miserable son of a bitch…

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