Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (9/17/07)


Back from Lost Wages, just in time for tonite’s Kudlow & Co. — just a few segments, from 5:00pm to 5:20pm or so, on CNBC.

In addition to your humble scribe, Gary Shilling will be on, as will Michelle Girard. I guess that makes me the moderate.

I will have to ask Larry about his upping the possibility of a recession to 50%, and if this means for certain that Goldilocks was "Officially Dead"

Also, we may explore the question ES Browning asked in the front page of today’s WSJ:  Are equity traders and investors pinning too much hope on a rate cut?

Lastly, I will note that equities look resiliant compared to the early morning futures indications. Same thing happened last week — poor futures, flat close . . .


UPDATE September 17, 2007 8:12pm

Man, did I look tired or what? The LV trip — Friday flight there, up nearly all nite, return flight Sunday — was exhausting. I looked like crap.

This was a last minute call — no tie, no shave.

I need a new drug . . .

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  1. scorpio commented on Sep 17

    like a coiled spring…

  2. Bob A commented on Sep 17

    Larry “I don’t see a whif of inflation”
    Un frickin believable.


  3. Strasser commented on Sep 17

    Larry…. not a “whif of inflation”… especially by excluding food. One thing is apparent and that is Larry, among others, is out of touch and apparently does not shop like the majority of Americans who have budgetary issues.

    Here is one item: Friday we looked at buying eggs at Costco, and the price was a whopping 46% increase!

  4. David commented on Sep 17

    Berry-great blog!
    I watch you on Kudlow, Kudlow talks out of both sides of his mouth. So does Alan Greenspan, both are Opportunists-ob portum veniens.

    “Why, man, they did make love to this employment” William Shakespeare

  5. wunsacon commented on Sep 17

    Received a notice from Cingular/AT&T saying they’re raising my text rate from 5 cents to 15 cents per pop.

    I plan to switch back to cup-and-string technology.

  6. Chief Tomahawk commented on Sep 17

    Wow! Only Michelle Girard to make the case for the bulls?!?

    Usually it’s at least two or three vs. one or maybe two bears.

  7. Rob Dawg commented on Sep 17

    Only stightly off topic.

    Sir, your neckwear was awesome. By that I mean the open collar. I don’t care what caused it. Welcome to the world of SoCal get the job done rather than looking ready to perform. Filene’s button down ecru with silk Windsor knot rep ties is so last Century. Before you know it you’ll be looking at Ojai retreats that will eventualy turn into the new Left Coast HQ. Careful.

  8. Greg0658 commented on Sep 17

    Next is the bearish 3 day stubble, like say Brett Farve, artists and construction workers.

  9. fat mary commented on Sep 17

    you looked like mr bean, get some rest.

  10. Crush Da Bears commented on Sep 17

    Tomorrow, Bernanke will bake the bears at 50 basis points oven for 1 hour and 45 minutes until the closing bell, cook bear meat until thoroughly cooked and serve with fresh rolls or bear lasagna with sweet bear sausages.


  11. Dean commented on Sep 17

    If Bernanke lowers 50 basis points, commodities will skyrocket. US mineral right owners will demand more payments. We will see inflation!

    Here, the bottom line: Stagflation!

  12. Bob commented on Sep 17

    What’s unbelieveable is that that Inflationist Kudlow kept saying something to the effect of “Do you hear me, Fed? I want ‘Shock and Awe’…gimme a 50 basis point cut and free market capitalism” all in the same breath. What a freakin’ hypocrite. I don’t know what is more sad: That most in what used to be a land of opportunity now believe they can get something for nothing, or that that is what they are likely to get. And then he and Robert Reich and every other so called pundit saying that deficits don’t matter?! Yeah, I guess they don’t matter if you don’t give a crap about the long-term value of the dollar.

    Barry, with all due respect to his credentials, why do you go on this Bozo’s TV show? Kudlow is a clown and is making you part of his circus. You might as well go on Mad Money and try to outshout Cramer.

    If Bernanke and Co. had any balls, they would give Kudlow his “Shock and Awe.” No cut at all. Zero basis points. Just a cleansing of the speculators. Painful, but quick.

    But wait, they’re Inflationists too. So I guess not. Just more of the same. I think I’ll go buy something shiny while I still can.

  13. Eclectic commented on Sep 17


    Have I shared my favorite recipe with you?

    It’s tasty… I’ve had it many times:

    “Crow Shake-n-Bake”

    -Take 2 freshly killed crow, de-beaked, de-feathered and skinned… condition in ice water overnight.

    -Salt, pepper and then roll crow in mealy-mouth sauce… followed by another generous rolling in cracklins and flower:

    -Place prepared crow in provided baking bag and bake at 375 degrees for 1 hour. Check crow for tenderness.

    -Resume baking crow until done (be sure not to bake too long or crow gets leathery and tough to di-gest).

    -Slice and serve crow on toasted sour dough bread with a garnish of Eclectic’s Special Raspberry Jubilee Sauce.

    -Freeze uneaten servings for later enjoyment. I may have a chance to whip up a new batch of Eclectic’s Special Sauce, and if so I’ll share some with you soon.

  14. Winston Munn commented on Sep 17

    Scene from Peter Benchley’s “CUTS”:

    Richard Dreyfuss: “That’s a fifty-pointer!”

    Robert Shaw: “Seventy-five. Three-quarters of a full point.”

    Roy Scheider: “We’re gonna get a bigger boat, aren’t we?”

  15. Mike G. commented on Sep 17

    You did look a bit tired there Barry. But apparently Vegas is tough on people. Why, I saw a clip of OJ in Las Vegas last night and he looked like absolute hell! :)

  16. Crush Da Bears commented on Sep 17


    I will not be hungry after a 50 bp cut from the bear tenderloin, a large choice medium-rare cooked bear filet d’ours (filet mignot) served with Dom Perignon champagne, but if you insist I’ll watch you eat a delicious juicy crow drumstick served with artificial grape-flavored Kool-Aid (special gloom and doom vintage for bearish Kool-Aid drinkers).

  17. Eclectic commented on Sep 18

    Funny, Crush…

    I prefer the crow wishbone for my late night snacking. You make a wish, break the wishbone, and get f’d no matter what.

    I hope for your sake you don’t have to have your metaphorical teeth wired back in tomorrow… and have to dine a-la-straw. Crow with Eclectic’s Special Sauce just isn’t the same after being run though a blender.

    Haha. Good luck.

  18. Crush Da Bears commented on Sep 18

    Hey Eclectic,

    Do you wish me watching you eating a boiled crow?

    SPECTRE of Ignorance, you should eat a crow too.

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